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Want to be the old me
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Question There's a slim person SOMEWHERE inside me??


I've just joined. In 2004 I lost 4 and a half stone for my wedding and I had such an amazing body (probably due to the stress of the wedding), I even did some modelling.

But in the past few years have put it all back on and more and am a UK size 20/22 :-(

I'm looking forward to starting a new postive aproach and making friends with people in similar positions.

Lots of love, sarah xxx
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Come on Spring!
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A huge to 3FC. There's lots of information and support here. Wander around and post where you think you will fit in. Further down this main page there is a UK Chicks group that may interest you.

There IS a slim person inside you!
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Hi SARAH . . . good girl, you've definitely come to the right place for lots of support while you travel the long and often bumpy road to better health and fitness . . . the slim you will be emerging again very soon.
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Welcome, Sarah!
Please keep posting! We'll whip you back into shape in no time.
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Wish It~Dream It~Do It
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hi Sarah -- welcome! I've never been able to remember how stones convert to pounds. Also on the UK theme, do you watch "Ab Fab"? I have been known to roll on the floor in response to that show.

Edina: "There is a thin woman inside me screaming to get out!"
Edina's mother: "Just the one, dear?"

: ) : ) : ) : )

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I heart 3FC
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Hi, Sarah! You're gonna love it! Best of luck!
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Welcome, and Anita, that's a funny joke. Thanks, I needed that today!
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Hi Sarah,
Wish you well! I know what you mean about the slim person--I don't have an image of myself that mirrors how big I really am. So I look in the mirror and think, who is THAT? Where's the one I think I am? It's a lot of hard work but we can do it with support!

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Hello Sarah

I'm from the UK too. I'm a size 16-18, but that still puts me in the obese category for my height. I lost most of it a couple of years ago, then put it all back on too


Anita - I loved AbFab too! Also 1 stone is 14lbs
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