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Default I'm New and Lost! Please Adopt Me :(


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That is quite the nickname.
You already have taken off a great deal of weight, fantastic.

Some advice from someone that has done this weight thing for longer than you have been alive and finally, finally succeeded for the last time.

* Eat often, I know you have heard it already. But if you eat about every 3 hours it keeps your metabolism up.

* Eat lean protein and veggies at each feeding. The lean protein will also keep your metabolism up it burns more calories than carbs or fat to digest.

*If you are trying to lose body fat limit your amount of starchy carbs to early in the day.

* Exercise daily or at least 5 times a week. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Weight training every other day and cardio everyday are a great way to remove the fat and keep you healthy.

* Keep an exercise and food journal.

Some advice from an old pro.

Last don't go on again and off again a diet. Find something you can do for the next 90 years and stick with it. Yes, it is okay if you change your mind. Many of us keep learning everyday and our plans evolve from that information.
Good luck. I hope you have great success.

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Hey there

May I just say that I <3 you already?

First of all congrats on those 60 lbs I see you've lost. Awesome!

Do you have a plan for how you'd like to lose the rest? Eating? Exercising?

You'll be 20 soon enough, so you can certainly check out the 20-somethings, and the Alternachicks area (although that one is kinda quiet sadly ; ; ). But! You should post wherever you're comfortable.

Best of success! And I hope to see you around

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Welcome to the forum!

Well, you are just too cute. You remind me of my 18 year old daughter. (geez, wasn't I just 18 myself a couple of years ago?)
I could definitely use some make-up advice, but I'm sticking to my jeans.

Please keep posting... you'll meet many wonderful people here.
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Trying it again....
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I agree you are so cute. you have a beautiful face. i could use make up advice as well. you will probably be hearing alot from me so dont leave this site cause ill be looking for you and your advice. I'm glad you said something about makeup because I really need it. I'll check for you later.
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Welcome to 3FC!!! I LOVE your avatar picture. Is that really you? If so, you are GORGEOUS... I wish I had big eyes like that. Anyways, I just wanted to say welcome! I'm not really a pro... but not really a newbie either. Kinda in the middle I guess... I have been working on my diet since October with a big break during the holidays (oops). Welcome and make sure to post often. This site is a godsend for people wanting to lose weight. It provides accountability, support and friendship all at the same time. excited to have you here, Goth Bunny! My sister was gothic for a period in her life, and I adore the little bugger, so I have come to like and appreciate the style myself...
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Great to meet you! What kind of diet are you following? I used to calorie count, but now I do a combo of south beach and calorie counting and I'm having fabulous results! I lost 11 pounds this week on Phase 1 of south beach. I too was a sugar addict and after 3 days, I don't even crave it anymore, so my advice about the PB cups would be to just give them up all together. You'll definitely miss them at first, but if you can get through it, in a week or so you'll have forgotten all about them! I don't post a lot, or log in a lot for that matter, but I do come here every few days and read posts. My favorite board is the 100 pound club because that board is always really active! Go explore 3FC, I'm sure you'll love it!
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Welcome and good luck!
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Originally Posted by backrowreject View Post
My cons: Loss of motivation, overall laziness, and twisted love affair with peanut butter cups.

My pros: I'm very supportive, can give great makeup and fashion advice for gorgeous women of all sizes, and will make sure you have your daily dosage of hugs!
Hi, backrowreject/Goth Bunny (that's way too cute in a Switchblade Symphony kind of way!) I'm a n00b, too, and a recovering goth/rivethead. I say "recovering" because I'm not 19 years old and all cute anymore (great pic, BTW!) but I still love the music.

Anywho, I suffer some of the same cons as you. Peanut butter cups are just plain evil - and not a kind of cool-horror-movie evil either. Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from Reeses. And those danged Cadburry Cream Eggs. They're evil, too. And evil is my favorite flavor, so this is really hard.

Maybe I'll see you and Faerie over in Alternachicks later? Hang in there, girlie!
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Let's salsa!
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Hi Goth Bunny,

How could I *NOT* adopt you when you are making such pretty doggie eyes at me?
Consider yourself adopted! That's a lovely picture. I am quite a newbie myself, I joined a month ago. Unfortunately, I am not 19 any more (add 30 to it) LOL.

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Let's salsa!
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Oh, by the way, re the motivation issue ...... Do you know what motivated me last night to get on the treadmill? (I really, really did not feel like it, I am still all sore from shoveling a ton of snow on Wednesday) and I was thinking, maybe I can do it tomorrow instead. But then I thought about NOT being able to move the bunny on my exercise ticker , and that's a moment I look forward to, it gives me such satisfaction .... dunno, it's silly, but it's working for me. So I did hop on the treadmill and did 3.3 miles!
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You are too cute, how do you stand it? I totally understand about the laziness, it's just a lot of trouble to go to the gym, when I have so much I could not be doing at the house!!!! I am not anywhere remotely Goth (I like country music and preppy clothes, I admit it) but my twin brother is a metal head with an ecclectic group of friends, so whatever floats your boat! I'm also, sadly, not 19 anymore. I will be 26 in 2 weeks and for some reason am upset about it. I suddenly feel old!
Congrats on the 60lbs, one day I will have lost that much, too. I don't post a lot here, but just reading makes me more motivated. So does keeping the scale in the kitchen.
Have you tried the weight watchers ice cream bars? they have several flavors, all for 1 or 2 points apiece. The chocolate ice cream ones are fabulous, 1 point and it's huge. Try them!
Good Luck
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Cool You can do this!

Back row reject...sometimes we find ourselves sitting on our (self-imposed) sidelines due to our weight. You have a bundle of personality, girl! I'm confident that you can do this.

I walk at lunchtime in the school halls...I am a school nurse. I am surrounded by teens day and night! I am very proud of you for taking back control!

I always pack my lunch, so breakfast and lunch are in control. I'm learning what my trigger foods are... I binged on the peanut butter chocolate keebler cookies so those will never find their way into my house again... (I'm with you on the peanut butter!)

It is a matter of surrounding yourself with better things, encouraging people, getting our rears in gear and moving around even when we don't feel like it, drinking alot of water, writing down what goes into our mouths, and talking to others that are on the same journey. That is what this website is for! You can do this...I am going to enjoy watching your journey! Bethz
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