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Default Newbie here! Need help in choosing a plan!

Hiya everyone! My name is Yvette...I am a single 38 yr old mom of 2 wonderful yet monsterly kids....ages 3 and 13....I have been overweight all of my life! Also after trying every diet known to man kind I have failed every one of them..the only one I did very well on was weight watchers several years ago when 14 grams of fiber made things 1 I had lost over 150 lbs on that plan just to gain it all back and then some....currently I am somewhere around 385 lbs and I can not take it anymore...everything hurts! I am always crying....I can't even bathe my 3 yr old HELP ME PLEASE!

Diets I have tried and failed on:
Nutrisystem (Starved to death on that)
Weight watchers (2 x's after 1st time loss)
South Beach

I am currenly unemployed as of 2 weeks ago....all I have is foodstamps and barely get anything for 3 people so I can not get "specialty" foods...I really want to do this one wants to hire a fat person
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Hi there YVETTE and

Why not devise your own plan incorporating the things that worked for you from the plans you've tried? There is no one plan for everybody and a lot of people around here have done really well by modifying things. Go take a look at the forum area called Diet Central for information on lots of the popular plans that are out there.

Good luck on finding your own personal winning combination . . .

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Avoid buying things for your children that you know you should not eat. Buy things that you do not like. For instance, when buying kids' cereals, I always buy something I know I will not eat, that way I am not tempted. There are web sites on the net that allow you to put in ingredients that you have on hand, and it will generate a recipe based on these ingredients. Search for these sites and try to use these based on what you are allowed to buy with your food stamps. Tha will avoid specialty sites. Look for a weight watchers converter on line that allows you to convert the ingredients to points. Good luck! It's easy to get depressed in your situation, I've been there. Keep your spirits up and it will be easier to be successful.
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Hi Yvette -- coming here is a FREE and truly remarkably wonderful support tool! I'm still new to the weight loss 'game' myself, but I've found that if you make SMALL changes, and not all at once, you can be successful.

- drink water (free, healthy, and helps you lose)
- cut back on your portion sizes - use a smaller plate, it will look like more
- start walking! - around your house, up and down stairs, in the
neighborhood, etc. - just move a little bit each day, then add more as you're able to breathe more easily
- you should be able to find good foods that you can afford, doesn't need to be specialty or organic -- chicken, fresh veggies, whole grain rice, fruits - and it will help your kids in the long run

It's really important to have support - emotionally, as well as to kick your butt! Check the posts here daily, and post when you can.....check out the before/after pics - so motivating!

Best of luck to you!
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Yvette, my suggestion would be to take it slow and steady with any "plan". You don't have to change overnight. I don't think it matters so much which plan you choose, as long as it's something you can live with, and you take it slow, ease into it. Make one small change to your eating, like eating a slightly smaller portion of meat, or having one more chicken meal instead of beef or pork, one less piece of pizza, or cutting back on high sodium foods. Eat a little less, move a little more, drink a little more water, and things will start to happen!

Calorie counting is what I chose, because it works with any kind of food. If I choose foods that are lower in calories, I can have bigger portions, if not, I have smaller portions. I like that, because I wasn't ready to cut out sodas, sugar, and a host of other addictions. Slowly, I've found my tastes are changing in that arena, but I never pushed for it in the beginning.

On the subject of feeding the kids, your 3 year old likely qualifies for WIC, which would last through 5 years of age. That would be a big help, paying for some of the higher ticket items like cheese, milk, peanut butter, eggs and the like.

Hillbillyhousewife (dot com? google it) website has great ideas and recipes for feeding a family on a tight budget. Her BBQ chicken is a favorite around here.

Check out your local foodbank(s). Whatever you can get from there, you don't have to buy, so you can save the foodstamps for getting whatever you still need, like meats and fruits or whatever is lacking.

Anyway, I'll quit rambling! Welcome!

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I'll put in another vote for small changes, based on things that have worked for you in the past. What changes can you make right now that'll get you closer to your goals? Can you eat 6 servings of produce a day? Can you drink 8 glasses of water?

There is no need to settle into a named plan, particularly one so strict that you can't follow it long-term. Most of the successful losers here have abandoned the concept of short-term dieting altogether, opting instead to make lifestyle changes that will not only let them take off the weight they'd like, but also maintain that weight loss.

Anyway, look around, read for support, and settle in. Can't wait to get to know you better!
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I'm sorry you are so down and crying so much. I feel your pain. I am having a hard time getting a job too because you are right, people don't wanna hire fat chicks, but yanno what? That's there loss because I KNOW I am a great person and a hard worker and I bet you are too. The right thing will come along for the both of us real soon.

I count calories and use to log my calories. I keep it between 1200 to 1800 and I USUALLY lose 1 to 2 lbs a week, unless I screw up, which I do sometimes. The important thing is to pull yourself together right away and not beat yourself up. We can't afford any fancy foods either, but I do recommend that you steer away from processed foods and cook everything yourself. Look through 3FC's for recipe ideas and whatnot. This is a great forum for support and lots of helpful info. We eat a lot of fish & Chicken in this house, but we also still do Hamburgers and whatnot (in moderation for me). I eat ALOT of veggies. Sometimes fresh, sometimes the Frozen mixed ones (Walmart brand). They are JUST as good. I use Olive oil, and Pure Conaola oils, Light Country Crock margerine, light sour cream, Cheerios, Honeynut if you like it sweetened, sometimes the Kashi stuff, but it gets pricey here. Oatmeal, fruits, peanut butter, Whole wheat breads, Almonds, beans. Cut out Sugar, and white flour. You'll be amazed at how much you WON'T miss this stuff after a while. Also pay attention to serving sizes and measure everything. I got a cheapo food scale @ Walmart for about $5.

I also allow myself treats too. I like to get the 100 calorie pack stuff or 100 calorie Fudge bars (ice cream). Lately my FAV breakfast is a piece of Whole wheat bread, a TBSP of peanut butter and a small sliced up Banana on top. I LOVE this and it gets me through my treadmill workouts.

If exercise turns you off, just try and go for 30 minute walks everyday or get a Walk Away The Pounds 1 or 2 mile DVD (or Video) by Leslie Sansone. That's where I started and she rocks!

Good luck! I know you can do this.
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Just popping in to say you can do it, you have proven you can!! Just make small changes you can live with forever, once you start feeling good, it will get easier!!!

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So much good advice. Have you had a chance to look around the site? I believe that our friends in the 100 lb club and the 300+ area can relate so well. Keep on posting. We're all here for you.

Best of success!
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