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Default Overweight Teen, Trying My Best

hey guys, joined and love the forums so far. I posted my first topic in the other thread, hope you guys could help.

thank you so much!
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I'm glad you found this place. Congrats on recognizing at a young age that you need to do something about your weight. I have a little motherly advice.
These are somethings it took me over 20 years to learn.
1. I must exercise. ( I weight train 4 days a week for 45 - 60 minutes alternating upper and lower body.) because muscle takes up 5 times less space than fat.
I have gone down 3 pants sizes without losing any scale weight.
Also I do 20 minutes on the elliptical 6 times a week. I personally like high intensity interval training.

2. Read Read Read. You need to learn what works for you.
I will never diet again. So by reading I have put together my own way of eating that works for me. I am never hungry and eat 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat.
I love these books:
YOU on a diet by Oz and Roizen, SuperFoods Rx by Pratt, Body For Life by Phillips.

3. Water, Water, Water. I don't drink anything but water, green tea and soy milk. No soda diet or otherwise. No juice I prefer my fruit and vegetables whole you get the fiber also.

4. Plan, Plan, Plan. I journal my food as well as my exercise. Before and if I make any changes

5. Love yourself and the rest will come. I have found 90% of this weight loss thing has been in my head. Once my head was in the right place the rest has come.

Good luck.
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Hey JMav, and

I responded to your post in Weight Loss Support also, but wanted to extend another welcome to you - so glad you're here!

Keep posting, asking questions, and settling in. There are so many HELPFUL people here to help you stay on your path.
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Hey. I'm there with ya. Overweight as a teen. I've realized that I have to do something about it. Talking about it with other people is awesome. It really hits ya that we need to do something. It's a good thing! Good luck!
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Welcome to 3FC!

Great advice from Sharon.

Yesterday I was thinking about what I did as a teen to make me one of those annoying slim people who could eat vast quantities of food without gaining an ounce.

I ran five times a week.
Walked everywhere instead of taking elevators, buses, etc.
Probably drank more liquids than I do now.
Held my stomach in all the time, which made for some wicked stomach muscles.
Probably ate a more balanced diet (despite all the snacking I did), as I was still living at home. Now, I have this immature idea (at 43!?) that I can eat whatever I want because I'm "all grown up". How dumb is THAT!?

You're at the perfect time of your life to learn all the "tricks", and to work them into a lifestyle that'll get you through difficult times.
Best wishes!
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