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Red face trying to lose the boyfriend weight!

Hi! I'm 24, 5'3 and 156 lbs. This is my heaviest weight EVER. Since I moved in with my boyfriend a year and a half ago I've put on 15 lbs. He didn't even notice, cause I'm still the same shape as I always was and my boobs grew a cup size (he loves that! lol), but I'm an aspiring actress and my day job is a temp in various fashion houses in NYC so my weight gain is def holding me back in my profession - even if it's just in an emotional way.

I don't want to have my ribs poking out or lose my big booty, I just want to stand out because of my talent and intelligence, not because of my weight.

I've been running 3-5 miles every other day and lifting weights. I've been off and on WW Points, but it's really hard to get into it when my boyfriend can eat pizza, pasta, cans of pringles, cheese, etc and not put on any weight. I end up eating small point portions of the same things and I mess all of my good progress up. There aren't enough restrictions, I think.

I'm thinking of doing NutriSystems for the next 3-5 months and keep up the exercise.

Thanks for listening!

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Hi Elise,
I understand about putting on boyfriend weight. I started gaining pretty much right after my boyfriend (now husband) and I moved in together. I know that my biggest challenge is having the fattening foods in the house. Would your boyfriend be okay with cutting back on the junk food brought into the house? Even if he doesn't have a weight problem it is beneficial for all of us to eat healthy.
Good luck with nutrisystems. I tried it once but didn't care for the food. I have done weight watchers too and think it is a great program but of course when you have things like pizza and chips the points go quickly. Right now I am doing Pure Weight Loss (aka la weight loss) which I like so far.
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heh - I read your title and had to have a laugh! I have been doing the same thing as well although it's now "losing the ex-boyfriend weight", I'm also 24

I gained about 10 pounds while we were together over the year or so and have since September lost that and then a little - down to my now current 61kgs (134 pounds). I'm aiming for 59-60kgs (130-132 pounds) and a body fat % of around 16-17%

Welcome and good luck!
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I understand the boyfriend weight toally lol

I was 180 (which was only 30 overweight) when I first met Todd (almost 8 years ago). I gained until I was 255. Now that I married him I'm losing the weight LOL. Maybe subconsiously it was a test of his love LMAO.

Nice to meet you I'm 27 with 2 kids, ages 6 and 9

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I completely understand this, because I am just now back down to the weight at which I met my fiance. I didn't eat great before, but I wasn't constantly surrounded by pizzas and starches until I met him. Then I got a little comfortable... and lazy... and yeah. A plus is that I've really enlisted his help. He'll look for healthier choices with me. We'll plan our dinners together. He's lost a few pounds, too, just eating healthier foods. That doesn't mean he's given up all his junk, but he hides it away from my eyes now.

You can do this! Just talk with him about it. Ask for his help in this
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Hi welcome, I am new too Luckily I don't have the bf issue to deal with that can be tricky. I haven't tried the nutrisystem but I had a friend who did and she found that she didn't like the food and ended up eating other stuff cause it wasn't filling enough. I don't mean to discourage you, just though I would share. I am sure you will be sucessful whichever path you choose because you soundy ready to loose.
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