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Default New Member needs help.

Hi Everyone. Are there any Senior Citizens here that can help me lose around 100 pounds? I quit smoking about 13 months ago and in the progress, gained an additional 40 pounds. Then, to make matters even worst, I have had legal custody of my 16 year old Granddaughter every since last August 2006 amd we all know how teenagers are constantly snacking all the goodies they can consume.

To make matters even worst, my Granddaughter is very petite, weighs only 105 pounds, takes a size 0-1 in Jeans, and can lose weigh just by chewing cookies-LOL.

I need to know how to prepare meals for the both of us which will NOT make her lose weight - but will make me lose the weight.

I am 71 years old and not in the best physical shape so walking or doing excerises is not something I can do right now due to all kinds of muscle aches and pains. I had major surgery last Fall on two major arteries due to plaque build up and a by pass artery in my right arm.

Can anyone help?
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Sorry I don't have any specific advice for you, but I wanted to say welcome! I'm sure if you look around the site you will find lots of helpful information.

Again welcome!!!
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Welcome! You CAN do it ! You need to be healthy for your granddaughter as well as yourself. Your granddaughter will not remain at 105 if she continues to eat cookies and unhealthy snacks. Maybe you can work out a plan with your granddaughter where you can both be healthy. I personally find that calorie counting works best for me. The diet and exercise plan you choose should be the one that you will follow. It is OK to experiment until you find the right fit for you.Good luck.
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My Granddaughter takes after her Mom for being so petite and only weighing 105 pounds. She does eat a good breakfast that I prepare for her before she leaves for school every morning, eats lunch at school and is always straving at dinner time where she eats a balanced full course meal. She tends to snack at night on the cookies, or even eat an apple sliced up.

I was thinking of making dinners using lean meat and baking meals or slow cooking them rather than fying them. She loves Chili and I was told of a receipe where you cut up a Sweet Potatoe in chunks and slow cook using lean hamburg, tomatoes, chili beans, and onions - all low calorie.

She also loves chicken which I usually bake. It's the stuffing and potatoes that go with the children that is putting on my weight.

Then at night, she is constantly making brownies with frosting on them to snack on! Who can resist these - LOL.

Yes - she is definitely keeping me alive and giving me a reason to keep going rather than sitting back and enjoying my Golden Years by sitting in a rocking chair - LOL!
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Hi & Mora! This can be tough. But you are so right. You need to be healthy for yourself & your granddaughter.

The first thing you could do is tell her what you're planning. You could enlist her help to either make less of the delicious (but unfortunately not terribly good for you) treats. You yourself could buy less of them, or give her her own "snack" drawer. One where you don't allow yourself to go. Out of sight out of mind!

A great thing to do is what you mentioned. Use leaner meats. Trim the fats off. And definitely grilling baking & slow cooking are MUCH better than frying. (I think that adding spices & low-calorie marinades makes them taste even better than frying!)

You could make a super healthy filling chili very easily. Just remember that there should be less meat & potatoes than there are chili beans onions peppers and the other good stuff ^^

For your dinners, do you add greens & salads to your meal? Baked chicken with stuffing & potatoes is very delicious sounding. And portioned out may not be so bad, but the best way to keep it portioned out is to fill up a little on non-starch vegetables & salads with light dressing/vinegar.

Don't worry too much about your granddaughter losing weight. Just explain that you want to eat healthier. Emphasize health. Adding more vegetables, subtracting the fatty meats... an excellent beginning. Your granddaughter may even feel healthier too! Vegetables & lean meats give better energy than do sweets & snacks ^^

We're all here to support you. You say you have about 100 lbs to go. Maybe you'd like to check out some threads on the 100 lb Forum:

Or if you'd feel more comfortable with people who closer to your age, maybe the 50+ forum!

If you'd like some recipes there are DEFINITELY recipe threads around...

For Vegetables:

For Chicken:

Best of luck to you Mora!!!!!!

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Taking care of yourself and your granddaughter is worth the extra effort. Asking for her help and getting her involved would be a step in the right direction. There are some boards here that are great support. Why don't you take a look at the 50's group
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MORA . . . You have definitely come to the right place for lots of support as you travel the long and bumpy road to better health and fitness.

I'm almost the same age as you and still want to lose about 100 even though I have already lost about 60. Believe me, I know it is not fast or easy as you get older. . . I also have the added fun of being Diabetic . . . but it is possible. You've already been given lots of great advice and you are definitely on the right track. Just coming here is a great step in the right direction.

To add my two cents worth . . . I think you've got to cook and serve as balanced a meal plan as you can manage for both your GD and yourself. You need to concentrate on the protein and veggies and go a little lighter on the starches and skip those 'little sweet extras' as much as possible. Soups and stews and chili are great meals for this time of year. Warming and filling and healthy for both of you.

Also . . . I notice that Faerie already gave you a link to the AGE 50 + forum. (thanks Faerie) I'm the Moderator over there and I really hope you will be joining us. It can really, really help to be able to chat with others who share the same challenges and struggles as you do. I'll be looking forward to getting to know you better, Chickie. Hope to see you soon.

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