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Hi Folks, I'm new and completely new at the Dr. Ian diet. I've tried them all, and now I am at my last piece of rope---and hope. Over the winter, I tried getting B12/B6 shots as well as take appetite suppressants (prescribed by a doctor) and I STILL didn't stick with it long enough to see any results. For one thing, I didn't like the needles part of it and taking those suppressants were not great because I never felt too comfortable taking something like that. So, now, I'm back at the basics. I really hope this diet or LIFE CHANGE will work. I soooooo hate the word diet, so i won't say it again.

So please wish me luck and share some of your success stories for me. I'm really at the end of my rope with trying to lose weight but I don't want to give up yet. I'll be starting the "new way of eating" plan on Monday!!! Hmmm, fruit for the first phase, huh? Wow, gonna hope to get through that!

I'll be keeping in touch! Thank you for starting this forum! I think I'll enjoy my stay!
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Hey there girly!!

I hope you are well. I've only been here for two weeks but I am LOVING EVERY minute of it. You will find PLENTY... no... an ABUNDANCE of help and support here and everybody is just so darn friendly. You see we can all do this when we really apply ourselves... I've been doing WW and I've only lost about 3 pounds I want to give up and cry (i promise you) but I just want to keep going for at least a month just to see if its really the right plan for me. I'm hoping it is because I'm quite enjoying it... but i'm a student and sitting on my bottom all day. I'm from the UK and studying at Leicester University. I'm doing a degree in English.... Yup... I'm crazy. But anyways, you can do this if you want to do it. I'm a very impatient person and if I don't see results straight away... thats it I want to give up. But I read a fantastic quote from one of the guys here which said "I didn't put this weight on over night... so I'm not going to lose it over night." Keep perservering... that truly is the key!! I wish you the best of luck and as much success as you can muster up!! Stick with it... for at least 21 days!! 21 days is how long it takes for something to become a "habit" if you still haven't seen any results then try something else. But make sure it's healthy... and gives you something you can follow long term. You don;t want a quick fix.

Take care and good luck again!!
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Go to the Mini-Goals and Goals forums if you want to see success stories that will really make you enthusiastic! We have our own Big Losers here at 3FC.

I haven't heard of that plan--but we have members following all kinds of different plans for weight loss. Check out "Diet Central"--just scroll down on the main Forums page.

Enjoy, and good luck!
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Default In the same boat

I am beginning a weight loss program as well. I have NO desire and very little motivation to attempt it again. I began teaching this past year and am very busy with my job, my family/kids and unhappily married (altho, we are NOT giving up on it...but getting help for it). I am depressed much of the time and feel like I need to eat all of the time. Any advice? I just joined a Fitness/wellness center in hopes of finding the motivation to lose this flab that makes me so depressed.
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