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Default Saving myself from fad diets...

I have spent the last 4 hours researching fad diets...pills, supplements, miracle cures and all for only 3 easy payments of $69.99!!! What a deal!

So, here I am...34, 5'3'', 278lbs...and I'm thinking...I'm an intelligent and semi-rational person...why would I spend yet another chunk of money on a fad...and then a miracle happened and I saw the 3fatchicks website and I started browsing and now I'm actually excited about losing weight the only way it really comes off and stays off...sensible eating and exercise.

I'm going to start on Monday. (Ha ha many times have I said that!)

Seriously. I'm ready to get started. I've used Body for Life in the past and I think I'm going to try it again. I got down to a trim size 10/12 about 4 years ago and now I've ballooned into a size 26. Its very depressing. My hubby is supportive and needs to lose a good 30-40 himself so here we are...looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Glad to see you here, Chunkalunk!

You've already found that 3FC basically follows the eating-right, keeping-fit point of view.

I have tried a couple of weight-loss supplements in the past, and all I can say is, most of them have that silly phrase, "when used with a program of diet and exercise." Well DUH! It's the diet and exercise!

That said, I think that some supplements like vitamins, calcium/magnesium, and others for specific purposes can help with general health--I just don't expect them to make me magically lose weight.

Good luck with your weight loss!
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Talking newbie here :p

Hey there guys,

I'm new to the site, but definately not new to trying diets. My husband and I need to lose quite a bit of weight. I've tried the atkins diet before and it worked realy well, then I got married and my weight ballooned right back up again!

So, I was looking into trying to get back on the atkins, then I saw the South Beach Diet. Starting tomorrow (Monday), that is the diet we will be starting, along with a friend at my work. I'm so glad I found this site because it makes me feel more confident about talking to others and not lying about my weight.

I hope to chat with others, get advise, and hopfully be able to GIVE advise, hehe

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welcome lucky start!I tried Atkins myself before... It just not for me... now I am doing more low fat, no junk foods, plenty of veggies and fruit and water, whole grains and lean protein.
Also exercising as much as I can.
Welcome!!!! We are on this together!
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