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Default Losing motivation

I'm just completing week 3, and as of my week 2 weigh in I'm down 7.5 pounds. I know that's a decent loss for 2 weeks, but as I'm sure is the case with so many - I want to see more changes faster! I'm starting to lose motivation. This is a really hard program to stay on, and for all the work and sacrifices, I find myself starting to feel deflated for not seeing more changes. Tonight I'm hosting a book club (this was planned before I decided to really dive into the program). And our bookclub means lots of delicious pot luck treats and wine while we all hang out. I've prepped my own "friendly" food (deviled eggs and meatballs - all to plan, and raw veggies), and I've stocked my fridge with sparkling water. But I'm worried about slipping tonight, just because of my frame of mind. I confess, after 3 weeks, I'd really love a cocktail on a Friday night! ACK. Anyway, any words of encouragement would be very, very welcome.
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Any time I have thoughts like this I ask myself where does that get me? How will I feel the next morning - I haven't heard from anyone who hasn't regretted it.

And, keep in mind, your body has just created the fat burning enzymes it needs. It takes 3 weeks for that to happen. You will see bigger results - stick with it!

You have not found any posts here that said they didn't get results - in fact everyone says it produces the best results. The only thing people debate is the cost (for which there are alternatives) and whether they can subject themselves to such a restrictive program.

I have gotten the best results on this program without a doubt and feel strongly it is well worth it.
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7.5 lbs in two weeks is AMAZING!

I will say, I got REALLY demotivated after my WI this week. It was my second one and I was only down .9 lbs for the week. I'm not gonna lie, I backslid and had something totally off protocol for lunch after that WI. BUT I can tell you this - I felt horrible afterward. Not just mentally because I slipped but because my body is now used to clean eating, and it didn't like the non-clean items. I lost energy and had a headache. That in and of itself was enough to kickstart me back into gear and get back on protocol. And guess what, I weighed myself on my home scale today and I'm down nearly 3 lbs from Tuesday's weigh in. I totally understand - it's tough to deny yourself what everyone else is enjoying, but know that doing this is helping you and your body in ways that are even outside the weight loss itself.

The other thing that got me through this slow down and back on protocol was trying on a couple of dresses that while I could wear previously, they were tight on me. Trying them on on Tuesday to see that they were looser and more comfortable was an awesome non-scale victory that shows what's really happening with my body. So that's my plan moving forward. Another slow week where I don't feel like there's much progress? Find some way to have a NSV that helps keep the motivation up.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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