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Default Long time maintenance?

Hello, I am about 1 month away from starting Phase II. I chose to make my goal to stay on Phase I a certain amount of time, rather than set a goal weight. However, I should be close to my goal weight when I enter Phase II. I want to be into maintenance before summer vacations begin, etc. My question is this - has anyone here maintained their weight loss long term (as in many years) without going back on the program? It seems there are an awful lot of re-starts with this program. Yes, it works, but I really don't want to be tied to it for the rest of my life. Also, has anyone successfully maintained by following rules other than the IP rules? By the way, I totally understand that I will be permanently changing the way I eat - and am willing to do that. I just wonder if there are other ways to do this during maintenance, especially after you have followed their maintenance successfully for awhile. Thanks!

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Hi MaroonMama: There are quite a few longterm maintainers... but they don't always post on the boards anymore, they have gotten on with their lives, lol. That's not to say that there aren't a few of us around on the boards still. Since NO ONE (even those who have always been slim) will stay at the exact same weight for the rest of their lives, maintenance should be considered a weight range. The caution, of course, is to keep it in that range and not start a slow, inexorable creep up. Those who are 'rebooting' know that it happened not because this way of eating failed, but because they decided or slipped into their old habits again. I know some in maintenance have gone Paleo-ish and others are mainly watching portions sizes while still keeping carbs low. Others have turned to a more keto lifestyle (high fat, mod protein, and <50 g carb). It all depends on what you find works best for your body. We are all individual and will not all have the same results from differing WOE.
Because we all have had disordered eating in our previous lives, we will always need to pay attention. Usually it's good to stay within 10 lbs of your goal as your lifetime range although if you are quite small/short, it's probably best to lower that number a bit, lol. The point is, if we do start to slide back to old high carb, junk food, oversized portions, etc habits we know what to do AND we need to do it before it gets past our weight range.
That's the real normal. Lifetime slim people do this all the time. They just notice the gain, decide to cut back a bit until it's where they want to be, and move on.
Pop onto the IP maintainers boards and read up a bit and you will see that we are dealing with working on our exercise, hanging on through life stressors, and yes, getting rid of that little bit of extra fluff that we may have put on due to inattention in the years after phasing into Maintenance. Just everyday life...

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Awe, I understand your anxiety. It will be around for a while and will come in waves and eventually it won't be tidal waves. Sometimes I still feel a wave of anxiety and give my head a shake.

4 years in April for me...and in that time I've had a baby, got back to my goal weight and recently had a tummy tuck. I left for a long time but I've popped on here now and then lately. Maybe I miss it a bit I do not follow Ideal Protein phase 4 anymore, there is no real cheat days for me. I make room for 'moderation' now. I did enjoy phase 4 for almost 9 months which was me getting the 'cheat' day out of my system. Eventually I realized as much as I liked the 'cheat' it made me feel physically disgusting (bloat/pain/exhaustion) and it's hard emotionally because although I want a 'fun day' (I prefer to call them fun days over cheat) I've also realized that life is easier if I just disconnect from food in such a way. It also helped that I had a baby and I didn't want her to grow up seeing me binge on food. So now I'll have bits and pieces of things here and there but I'm definitely careful with what I put in my mouth.

Essentially you'll have some work to do in maintenance...what works for me won't necessarily work for you. Just decide on what # you don't want to go over and that's that. When you see that number cut back on what you know effects you for a while until it comes down.

It will be ok, good luck!

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Congratulations to both of you on your losses and maintenance! And thanks for replying! So what is your go-to plan when you find yourself approaching the "number you don't want to go over"? Do you fall back on IP foods and protocol? It just seems that so many people go back to that, but it seems a bit drastic to me if I'm only up a couple of pounds. Also, do you all still take the IP supplements, or have you left that behind, as well? And have you tried to lose additional weight since maintenance without IP - and if so, how did that work for you? I'm trying to prepare myself mentally, reading a lot about the subject, weight loss in general and overeating specifically, but it's always helpful to hear from people who have been/are there!
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Momma, I can only echo what other's have said. I met goal 2 years ago in Jan and kept it off mostly by eating Phase 4 during the week, having 'cheats' on the weekend and doing P1 for a day or 2. I also worked out and got my 10k steps in a day.

I'm rebooting as I gained 5 lbs over the holidays, lost and gained back 3 of them since January and then really went overboard with too large a portions, mixing of fat and carbs over a 4 week period (10 days vacation followed by a 4 day stressful business trip). My goal is 137 lbs, my 'scream weight' was 142 lbs but seeing 150 lbs on a scale was too much for me to handle - plus I couldn't wear my size 4 jeans anymore. I also had a tummy tuck and there's no way I'm ruining my lovely flat tummy.

Like others have said here, you have to find what works for you. Being on P4 worked until I abandoned it. You will have to find a balance but make no mistake you will have to change and restrict your eating from how it was before you got here. I rail against that sometime, I want to be able to eat candy, brie, drink wine, etc but it's just not going to happen for me in the way I want if I want to stay at 137 lbs. Pick a scream weight, and do something when you go over it is the best advice I can give you. And please remember, you deserve to be slim! Good luck
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