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IP start 8/15/13
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Great Post! I also have a dare I say "clinic". You go weigh in, take four measurements, buy $90 (3 boxes of product) and leave. Less than ten minutes and you're done. Takes 1 1/2 hours round trip. The coach is on IP but has gone off and on the protocol for the past few year, not medically supervised. I also want to thank everyone who contributes to these threads otherwise I would have quit by now. Please keep send your inputs.
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Originally Posted by saskgirl View Post
Don't settle for crappy coaching

For those of us going to a clinic - we are paying big bucks and coaching is supposed to be part of that fee

I went to the first clinic I heard of - knowing what I know now I would have visited them all and then made a decision

My coach was no more than a glorified cashier - there was no bond - there was no interest in my journey on her part - took her at least 5 weeks before she remembered my name - h*ll last week someone else weighed me (which I dont mind) but when taking my 90 bucks - she didnt even ask how I did
not once did anyone ask to look at my journal
I am an adult and dont think i need to be babied - but for AT LEAST the first two weeks I would have thought they would have looked at it to make sure I was heading in the right direction...

So after a few weeks of frustration I decided to call around
I called one place and talked to the lady there - she didnt seem very keen on accepting me to her clinic - but made me an appointment anyways
I felt uncomfortable after talking to her and cancelled it and decided to pull up my panties and accept that maybe it is just the way its going to be and I would find my motivation and support from my friends and family (and this board!)

This week some DIVINE intervention took me to do a photo shoot for a magazine at yet another clinic in the city
I tell you I walked in there and felt like I was home - no other way to describe it

The owner started to explain IP and her vision of what she wanted the article to be (about sucess with ip and not "her") - I mentioned that I was on it - and when she asked me what clinic I was at - I must have had some HORRIFIC expression on my face because she actually came over and gave me a hug

Well I spent two hours there hanging out with them and it felt like I was out for coffee with a group of girlfriends - I also paid attention on how they were with the other clients and the atmosphere in there was SO much more positive - people were smiling - they had nicknames for each other etc
So down to earth and REAL

Next day was my weigh in and I made the decision to fire my coach - I wanted my measurements so went back one last time - paid my 90 bucks - told her I needed to copy my stats for an app (ok I am kind of a coward) and rather than photocopy it for me she stood there like a slug while I copied 8 weeks of weigh ins and measurements onto a piece of paper - oh and I hit the 30lb mark (milestone? I think so) and she didnt even add up my pounds lost for the week - this just helped solidify it

I jumped in my car and headed to my NEW clinic - I needed some vitamins and bbq sauce etc and did not want to give that clinic another dime
They re-weighed - re-measured me and I felt they were truly excited to see me again - I actually got signed up for and got my first iptv (heard a diff excuse each week from the old place on why it never worked for me)

We hear of so many bad coaches out there - and I just want to say that we shouldnt be settling for sh*tty coaching - THERE ARE GOOD COACHES OUT THERE

We pay good money that we work hard for - and for some of us it is a HUGE expense (but well worth it) and really - they are working for us - so why do we settle?

If you are unhappy and have the luxury of more than one option in your city/town - pop in to some of these places - even pretend like you are a new client if you feel weird about it - when you walk in to the right one
you will know

I have gained a new enthusiasm and know that this group of ladies will be there to celebrate with me - and give me a kick in the a$$ (and laugh about it) when I need it

My whole point to this rant/story is - we would be fired if we werent doing our jobs - so dont be afraid to get out there and find one of the good ones!

We are in control of our eating our lives and this journey - so make it a fun one!!
Glad you found a new one. I wish I had known prior. I would have referred you to mine. I love the coach at my clinic. This morning a couple other clients were there and we swapped recipes, chatted and our coach was all a part of it too. She encourages to the moon and back! Always offering suggestion, ideas etc. I feel it is worth every dime!
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Great post! My coach is not the warmest human being, but she is helpful and was really happy for me today at my weigh in. I am stayong OP, and she cant really ding me on anything. She reviews my jounal and writes me notes, and calls me during the week. I may not lie her, but I like how she does her job! The rest of the coaches are pretty good, but they area strict bunch! Glad you found a place to support you, and keep on keepig on!
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