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I've been on Ideal Protein since 1/18/13 and I've lost about 40-ish lbs. I started at 229, and am now at ~184. For the passed month-month and a half, I haven't been able to resist the urge to cheat and have been compulsively eating. As you all know, IP isn't cheap; so I don't know how to stop this vicious cycle of me losing weight, only to gain it or to stay at the same weight.

I've had enough of this, and it's beginning to tear my family apart. Please advise the best way possible, be blunt, be crude, whatever. I need to change myself.

Looking back, I've felt it was easier to diet while I was at school, taking classes in University. Now, with the summer, although I am still taking a few classes, I have a lot more downtime, and have found myself looking through the house for food to binge on (Ugh, I hate that word). At the end of each week, I feel like complete crap, and tell myself that I will not cheat anymore... Only to cheat again-- compulsively.

I know anything I say is just an excuse, and there shouldn't be any excuses when it comes to your health.

Please advise me, or tell me what has worked for you.

Thank you,


PS, I don't really post on here too often, so if you need any more information about me or my habits, etc. just ask. Not sure if I've left anything out!
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A friend of mine said her sister in law lost so much weight by learning to KNIT! It keeps her hands busy and her mind, too! Maybe you just need a deterrent? Also, have you tried chewing gum? Maybe your brain just needs a stimulant.

Good luck!
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Maybe it would help to paint your nails when you are bored, that way you can't grab a snack without messing up the polish? I had a friend who did something similar and she said it really helped her get "over the hump" with late night snacking, plus her nails always looked (look!) great!
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I suggest coming onto this forum and looking at people's progress photos! Gives you something to cure the boredom, and is very motivating!
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I've been thinking of how to stay on plan a lot lately. Maybe if you journal and write out your goals and reasons to lose weight. Then write a paragraph on why you're sabatoging yourself. You may find some insights. And if the insights are heavy then maybe consider going to a therapist or counselor.

Last night I watched a repeat of "I used to be fat" on MTV. This is a show where young ppl (18 year olds) set out to lose 60-100 lbs over a summer. In many cases, the kids struggle with the emotional side of it. I believe this may be true for me as well.
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As a fellow emotional & boredom eater, I sure hear ya'!

You really need to find other distractions to keep from becoming bored: go for a walk, do a craft, learn to sew/knit/cross-stitch, housecleaning, redecorating, scrapbooking, jewelry-making/beading (you can sell your wares to earn money for the diet), learn to play an instrument... anything that does not involve "screen time"!

Also, keep plenty of permissable munchies around: celery sticks (wrap in foil and they will stay crunchy longer), dill pickles, hard-boiled eggs (try to stick to the whites) or pickled eggs (if you like them), cucumber slices, sliced peppers, etc.

You have also lost a fair amount of weight already. You can consider phasing off and maintaining for a little while and going back to it later, if you think that's what you might want to do. IMHO though, I think you are better off to just keep on keeping on and get 'er done!

You can do this!!!

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1. You need to remove all temptations from your home...if it's not there you can't find it and eat it.

2. So to do that you're family must be 110% behind you.

3. If you can't rid everything than they have to agree to keep it hidden from you.

4. Find a hobby outside of the home...visit your local library.... walk in a park...volunteer....

5. clean your home non-stop..

6. Stay online for motivation and support
You can do have to believe in yourself!!!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Third time's the charm!
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I also saw on Pinterest (I love pinterest) that when you are craving something, take 100 sips of water. I tried it prior to starting IP and though I could never managed to get to the 100 sips, it really helped. Mind over matter!! You can do this!
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You may be hungry. My coach told me on my first day that the people who were most successful had HUGE salads at least for one meal a day but better for two. She said to fill up on greens and allowable veggies.
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4/13-12/13 80lbs Loss
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Here's how I changed my behavior/household when I started IP

1 - I gave away/threw away all food I could not eat - including flour and sugar (It did take me a month to throw away the ice cream!)

2 - We all only eat dinner together so my family members support me by eating an IP dinner every night. If they want something else for dinner, I respectfully ask them to leave the house and eat out. If I'm home they are not allowed to bring in food I can't eat

2 - I've asked my family members to stop discussing food around me - I don't want to think about what I can't have.

3 - If my family wants to go out to dinner and the restaurant doesn't serve something I can eat, I either don't go with them or eat before I go.

4 - I PLAN, PLAN, PLAN for my meals

5 - I have become obsessed with and Ideal Protein

6 - I've had to retrain myself - no more thinking "I've had a bad day, I deserve a piece of cake". It's "I've had a bad day, I deserve to lose weight".

You see I want to lose this weight so bad that I can't allow myself or others to sabotage me. My world right now revolves around me losing weight, because I need to do this for ME. Because believe me, everything else in my life will still be there when I'm done losing weight - and it may actually be easier to deal with without my "weight" hanging over my head!

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Started IP July 2013
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I agree with previous posters. I have had to change a lot of my daily habits so that I am not doing the same things I used to do while I snacked. I know I eat when I am bored and when I am emotional and then also when I am used to snacking, like during a movie or when browsing the internet. Maybe Holly's friend's sister's idea is a good one...knitting would keep one's hands busy and if using wool yarn could soften them as well.
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Kara - Restart 8/23/2013
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One thing I have noticed since I quit my job is routine. It's hard when you go from one routine to not having one or it changing.

Good luck, lots of people have good ideas... biggest one is do something when you feel like eating. Or eat some veggies/salad.
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First off go easy on yourself, beating yourself up is not going to help, and us beating you up is not going to help!! Then, start fresh as though it's your very first time doing the diet. Do not think about any history of failure you may have had. This whole journey is just a chance to learn about what works and what doesn't. You are not a failure or a cheater, and you don't need to think about perfectionism, either! Just be a learner. (And then stick with us because we are all learning together and doing this with all of you is making this a remarkably enjoyable ride!)

I do wish you the best! And I love all of the suggestions given to you by others.
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Very good ideas were given here!

In addition, it is very important to remember that you are making a LIFESTYLE change. Rather than think about foods that you can't have, focus on what healthy, yummy things that you can have! Are there any IP foods that you just love? Are there any veggies that you really enjoy? If so, focus on these and experiment with adding spices. Building on this will set you up for success in maintenance!
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Hi Twinkle - and everyone else.

I just wanted to add my two cents here. I was on IP for 9 months and lost 80 pounds. I reached my goal in March of this year and have been on the Maintainers thread since then.

All of the ideas are wonderful, especially the lists from nalaroo and Newenglander.

It's so true that its a lifestyle change. If you don't change your mindset, you may lose the weight, but you'll still crave all of those things and your habits will not have changed. I think the thing that means the most to my maintenance is the fact that I learned to really love my roasted vegetables. I roast a pan of veggies each night. My treat here is the rutabagas, but I love roasted zucchini, broccoli, red and green peppers, it's all wonderful. I had never done that before and now it tastes so good to me - and fills me up.

My lunches and dinners are still pretty much like the IP dinners were - because I've developed a taste for fresh, good food.

I totally agree with Fitmom. Experiment with spices. I used to put curry powder in the IP chicken soup. I would pour the mixed soup over my sauteed garlic, peppers, and mushrooms and it is so yummy. I still do that when I need to do a P1 day every so often.

Twinkle, you've lost 40 pounds! That's great! Keep going and with each pound you'll feel better and better about yourself. Every day is a new day with new possibility. You CAN do this!

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