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I used to be that way but I gave up gum and mints when I learned that artificial sweeteners can leave you craving more sweet. I actually added some back in to do IP...but I'm losing and having fewer cravings than in my entire life so something MUST be working...

I'm STILL not adding in an excessive amount, however. I don't wanna tempt it. But man! I used to use everything I could to keep from eating!
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Yay! Gum is on my list for tomorrow! Thanks everyone! Never Imagined I'd be so excited about gum...
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Originally Posted by scorbett1103 View Post
JenRem this is AWESOME information!!!
Originally Posted by djs06 View Post
JenRem, thanks for that info! My dentist recommended finding gum/mints with Xylitol but didn't explain it nearly as well (or tell me how often to use it)! Now I will be sure to hunt some down.

I chew orbitz bubblemint once a day or so- on my way home and while I'm making dinner- 1 carb for each piece. I figure it's better that than shoving something random in my mouth as soon as I walk in the door.
Originally Posted by yaelbelle View Post
Thank you so much for this! I was just reading about it, but your reply is answers the why better. I've found a few 100% xylitol gums, including spry, now just trying to eliminate the ones with titanium dioxide... I wish I could taste test for free!

I'm so glad some of you didn't mind my terribly long post LOL! If any of you are really intested in the Spry or have already used it and like it..... I order from a company on-line called iHerb.com. I can get each container about $2-3 less than I can from Super Supplements. If you order $40 you get free 2 day delivery (which I know is a lot to spend on gum or mints, but I order about 2 times a year).

So often we hear of studies on the news that have conflicting information.... Are eggs good or bad, is butter better for us than margarine, is wine in moderation good for us??? Well, the great thing about xylitol is that it has been around at least as long as WWII and it has never had any negative studies against it! If any of you have diabetic friends/family or know people who struggle with dry mouth (xerostomia) - xylitol is especially great for these people. There have been studies showing that people with diabetes have more controlled blood glucose levels when they keep healthier/cleaner mouths. Also, many prescription medications (some blood pressure, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and others - about 200 medications) are known to have dry mouth side effects (sometimes, people don't even realize this has happened). Dry mouth makes it much easier to develop cavities because the saliva glands don't produce enough saliva to effectively wash the food/drink from our mouths down to our stomach (called oral clearance). So, the food remants stays in our mouth and the xylitol can neutralize the sugar base almost immediately. Happy chewing or sucking Jen
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