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Default Caffeine Question

I drink one 20 oz cup of coffee in the mornings ... which lasts me well into the early afternoons. Its how I start my work days. I dont drink coffee on the weekends.

I dont drink decaf.

if you drink coffee on IP ... does it have to be decaf?

can anyone elaborate on the caffeine aspect of staying OP?

thx in advance
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I drink coffee all day. For every 8 oz of caffeinated coffee, you have to drink 16 more ounces of water, with the exception of that first cup allowed in the morning. So, you should drink 24 more ounces of water everyday you drink the 20 oz coffee.
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I drink caff tea and caff coffee, sometimes decaf in the evening. I just make sure I get lots of water. I try to shoot for >100 oz everyday...
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I drink 2 big cups of coffee a day (about 24oz total). Just make sure you drink enough water (I drink 4 liters plus 1 or 2 herbal teas)
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It helps curb my appetite
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My coach, as well as other posters on these boards, said to just make sure I drink an equal amount of extra water for every cup of coffee. Nothing more or nothing less. Nothing was ever mentioned to me about the "first cup in the morning" being a freeby. Same with my iced tea. If I have a glass with lunch, I drink an extra glass of water.
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This is great info as I'm a caffeine junkie and was worried about going cold turkey. Thanks for sharing!
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i used to drink coffee by the gallon, literally: my cup measures 750ml and i would have 8-10c a day.

now it's tea, mostly green tea with some herbal.

no particular reason except i suddenly realized on day that unless there's a whackload of milk in it, i don't actually like coffee.

but i do drink sugar-free rock stars - my one artificial sweetener vice - but they're only 160mg caffeine which is, well.... pffft,

when i got pregnant with saari, i was working two full-time jobs; i mean 86 - 100hrs a week. i was taking caffeine pills - every morning and several times throughout the day, i'd wash down 3 100mg wake-ups with a diet coke and then follow with a coffee chaser. caffeine intake was on the order of 3 *grams* a day. it helped me stay awake and alert but that was about it - i've been taking caffeine all my life (literally - mom used to put coffee in my bottle to put me to sleep and when i was a kid, it was the same thing: coffee at night to put me to sleep, coffee in the morning to mellow me out for school; cheaper than ritalin) so it doesn't affect me the way it does others.
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I am so glad I am seeing this, as I didn't know I needed to drink extra water. I don't drink coffee, but wanted something different than water, so I am drinking an iced tea with MIO in it. I will be sure to drink another glass of water tonight!
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