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Default Read Here First.. Before Starting A Thread

The Ideal Protein is very popular, but it prompts more questions than most other diets. You're excited about your new diet and anxious to learn more. We understand

Almost every question you can think of has been asked and answered, probably a few times You'll find a wealth of information here, but you need to find it first.

You'll also notice daily chats and individual topic threads. What are they, and where should you post? Read on.....

Have a question? First: Check the Sticky Post. It contains helpful links to existing information.

Still need help?
Use the Ideal Protein Forum search. This is the most important thing you can do for yourself to learn about the IP diet. You'll get tons of results and will surely learn everything you need.

If your topic is found, please post your question in that thread.
It helps keep the forum organized if all of the questions and answers are in one place. This helps prevent duplicate threads. If you don't find what you are looking for, then please start a NEW THREAD and be very descriptive in your title. Threads with the topic in the title are easiest to find when browsing a forum, but they also make a huge difference in search results. This will help others answer you, and it also helps other IP members that may ask the same question another day. I will post a new reply shortly with directions on searching just the IP forum so everyone will be able to do it. If you have any problems with it, please PM me for help.

What are Daily Chat threads? Daily chat threads are mini support groups where you can discuss your progress, share your goals, ask advice for how to get through the holiday weekend on plan, or just to say hello and brag about your kids Daily chats build community spirit, encourage success, and are popular all across our forum as well as on other forums on the internet.

Daily chats are not intended for IP questions and answers! This is a very inefficient way to handle Q/A and has resulted in long term chaos in our IP forum. It could take hours to sift through the daily chats hoping to find the answer you need now, therefore it encourages repeat questions. We're not saying you can't ask questions in the daily chat of course. If it's part of the natural flow of the thread then go for it! But it shouldn't be the first choice since that excludes a lot of people from learning from you. Keep in mind that a lot of members just don't like daily chats and seek support more directly. This is forum wide at 3FC as well as many or most other discussion forums online.

When and Why to post New Topic Threads to ask for help:
You've checked the Sticky Post, you used the IP Forum Search, but you can't find your answer. You're not out of luck! Go ahead and post a New Thread and someone will be happy to help We do ask that you use a descriptive topic for your thread. Please don't post a topic such as "Help me!" Just briefly describe your problem in the subject, then go into more detail in your post.

Why new threads with descriptive topics are the most efficient way to learn about IP:

To make it easier, I'm going to use the widget example

Someone needs info on how to freeze red widgets. She doesn't find the info she needs from the sticky, so she goes to the IP forum search. The search results will display thread titles for her to click on. She will look for threads that specify Red Widgets in the title. If she sees Daily Chat (with 100+ posts) she knows that it might take her a while to go through the chat thread to look for red widgets, and maybe that particular post isn't what she wanted to know. Maybe one post in the thread was about dehydrating red widgets, while another post was about freezing blue widgets. So the results are not accurate for her, but the full thread shows up in search results anyway. By creating a new thread for freezing Red Widgets, all IP members can find the perfect answer quickly and without posting a repetitive topic.

I hope this helps! I may add to this thread if we discover more tips that will help us all.

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How to use the Ideal Protein Forum Search

You can use the search box at the top of the forum, but if you don't select the right options you'll pull results from every forum here, which probably isn't going to help.

It's easy to search just the Ideal Protein forum

At the top of this forum, on the list of all topics, look in the upper right area to see the Search Forum Box (check attachment below)

If you choose Show Threads, you'll get a list of all threads that contain your topic. Choose Show Posts to zoom in on just those specific posts.

Choose Advanced Search for more options, such as searching just the title fields or searching the entire posts. This is another way having descriptive titles is helpful.
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