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Default 2 restricted a day

This is my 2nd day in a row that I have had 2 restricted foods on plan. I am still following plan to a "T", but I am PMSing, feeling tired and weak and wanting to cheat so bad! I figured the 2nd restricted was better than cheating with something else.
This is the first time I have done this.
I have lost almost 9 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks, only looking to lose about 20, 25 most.

Will this totally destroy my success? Will it take me out of ketosis?

I plan to not do it regularly, just was really struggling...And for me the regular IP packets barely cut it for me. I don't like most of their taste and texture. There is a few that I really like, and a few a tolerate. I love all the restricted, of course. I am getting really bored with the packets already.

I want to stay on this plan and be successful.
Any advice or thoughts btdt people?
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Following the plan to a "T" means what???? Plan T is 2 restricted a day? I'm sorry you are struggling. We all do. I guess, just muddle through as best you can and get to tomorrow. I believe a 2nd restricted is better than a pizza {{except}} that does nothing to retrain the brain. Best think about that bored thing too and although I think 20 pounds is awesome (great for you), it's sounding around here to be not quite the easy piece of rhubarb crumble you might hope for.
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I made a mistake, I admit it- I guess I expected encouragement from those that have been there done that, like I asked.
But since you seem to not have made mistakes maybe you should not have answered? just saying
I was asking if it will do damage, or take me out of ketosis.
I was wanting to know how I could keep from being bored, so I don't do it again.
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Started IP 2/25/2011...
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Check out this thread. It will help you think of more interesting things to do with the packets...


Also check the recipes thread (see the sticky on the main page).

I hope you find some useful information to make the nonrestricted more interesting.
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I've had two restricteds in a day once when I stayed late at work one night and there was nothing else around to eat, I did have a regular supper that night too and it didn't effect my loss. (I did feel kind of bad about it, but assured myself by running up 5 flights of stairs!...I think I actually said 'there, that'll fix that' when I got to the top...LOL!). I don't think it will take you out of ketosis, so don't worry about it (you are right, a slice of pizza would have been way worse). Now you know better, do better. You are doing a great job.

Boredom is a tough one, it really does come down to mind over matter. Water really helps me...as does a nice hot couple of herbal decaf tea...mmmmm
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Hi there. Welcome. Congratulations on your losses so far.

Today was my 10th day. I am a newbie too, so I don't think I would be much help. But I say what is done is done, don't stress about it. You felt weak and tired and you eat the second restricted. You can not do anything about it now.

I haven't had any restricted. From what I have read here some coaches allow restricted from the day 1, some allow it a few weeks into the program. And apparently the people who take 1 a day from the first day still have big losses.

Your carb intake for today has gone up and you might be out of ketosis. But that doesn't mean that you are not going to be able to get back into ketosis in couple of days and have a great loss this week.

Yes, I too would think eating another IP, even restricted, is much better than a high carb food. So given the circumstances it was a better choice. Just know that the IP program says only 1 restricted per day at most.

Also please don't get offend by people here. Petie was just reiterating what the IP protocol states. And what you said could apply to yourself too! If you don't want to hear what people have to say then why did you post!

Good luck.
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Hislamb - I have made many, many a mistake on this program so far. I do it knowingly, it is not like somebody slips it into my mouth without me knowing it, but I do succumb. I am sorry you are struggling. I don't think doing it once will kill you and there is no way to know if it will take you out of ketosis from what I understand (i have this question often), everybody metabolizes things different, has a different threshold, is at a different stage, different level of physical activity, etc. Perhaps once it won't but more than once in a given span of time, it might. The question is, is it a chance you want to take?

Maybe so, I did (I don't advocate doing it, just saying that I struggled and gave in). Personally, I was afraid of the restricted bars initially because I know they are sweet and I know I like sweets. I ended up getting them anyway because I kept reaching for a TBSP of peanut butter every day. Anyway, I digress.

So here is my suggestion (not that you are asking for it), pick a lower carb item like vanilla pudding. Make it, add cinnamon, add a sugar free 0/0/0 syrup, whatever you like. Freeze it - eat it as an ice cream later. Or mix it in a blender. To me, the sweet chew is what I need. Sometimes I am just not at all satisfied by DRINKING it. Perhaps this would help you? A 4th or even 5th packet every once in a while would probably serve you better than the 2nd restricted . . . and take some of your worry, guilty, fear out of the equation. That is what I would try to do.

I have lots of downfalls and I am working through them. I, too, am here to lose 20 pounds. So, in addition to the above suggestion, here are some things I have been trying. Perhaps you will find an idea helpful . . .
- Paint your finger nails (you cannot eat with wet nails)
- Take a bath
- Drink cinnamon tea with 0/0/0 caramel syrup
- Romaine Stir Fry (you can even sweeten a soy sauce with splenda if this would help)
- Use a water flavoring
- Freeze some stevia/splenda sweetened herbal tea into cubes and chew on those when you want something
- Take a bath
- Go for a walk, or do a round of circuit training in your house. Sometimse the exercise gets me to stop thinking more about food than I would like to
- Fold laundry or scrub something
- Order yourself a move on cable . . . it is about the same price!
- Floss & brush your teeth
- Go to sleep if you have to
- Try on clothes. I did this today. It kept me from eating a bunch of peanut butter. I was pleasantly surprised by the changes I have seen. It passed time, it boosted my ego, it renewed my confidence and commitment. Closet Shopping is like free retail therapy
- Retail therapy . . . go by a new smell good lotion, a new nail polish, some sort of treat for you.
- Weed the garden

In the end, whatever you decide to do, don't worry about doing this again and plan for its effects, just forgive yourself and move on. You are here, you are strong and you are succeeding! You can always text / email me and we can be each others strength!

With respect to posting for support, keep in mind that you will receive a lot of non-responsive answers where people don't actually give you what you seek, but regurgitate the protocol or give you advice that may not be as helpful or apt as you were hoping it would be. Do your best to gloss over those, don't take them personally (I try to assume everyone is well intentioned and not judging me or scolding me like a child even if that is the tone . . . it is hard to convey tone in a post), and don't be afraid to post for support in the future . . . just know that it may not yield the result you are looking for in every post but there is a lot of good stuff out there!

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Hislamb - most of us have been there. Don't stress about it and move on. For the next 2 days, try not to have any restricteds at all. That should even things out for you. Also, check out some of the Walden Farms products to help. I love using their Asisan dressing in stir frys. The flavored syrups from Torani or DaVinci are a big help too. Make sure you read the labels. You want sugar/calorie/carb free. Even some of the sugar free varieties still have 1 carb. Stick with it! We'll all be here for you.

Hey, coliep! I am a PB lover as well. Do you like the PB crunch bar and PB soy puffs? They do the trick for me!
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I love the bars, am too afraid to try the soy puffs - afraid that I would eat more than I should. It is such a slippery slope for me . .
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My 2 cents.

It is not OK to have 2 restrictive products a day, unless your coach says so.

But, we are human and we error....having a second restrictive item is WAY better than eating a pizza, or having a huge piece of cake.

So..the beautiful thing about life..is you go to sleep and wake up to a brand new day.

Tomorrow..you start over. Follow all the guidelines and this diet will work.

Don't beat yourself up. Don't make it a habit to cheat.
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What is done is done. I think the recommendations on here are good. I would second the suggestion of skipping the restricted items for the next couple of days. I think when you are having a rough day, you should have an extra packet or 2, just not of the restricted. On more than 1 occasion, I have had up to 5 packets in a day and not had a problem.

I would also suggest looking at the "pudding cake" recipe. Most of the puddings are lower in carbs and if you make them into a cake, you are actually eating something, and it is more filling.

Also, try the chocolate drink packet warm. Make it in the shaker as directed with cold water, but them pour it into a mug and warm it up 30 seconds at a time until desired warmness. It tastes just like a coffee house hot chocolate. It is rich and satisfying.
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Phew! Alot of thoughts on this thread and alot of good ideas, and alot of opinions.
I think, my two cents, anyway: some of us are going to struggle, some are going to sail through easily, and most of us will waffle inbetween depending on how the rest of life is treating us.

Feeling guilty or beating yourself up will take energy you could use elsewhere in a positive way.

I have found that BOREDOM on IP will be the fastest way into a craving or a "cheat". I have found foods and recipes that are ones I can use for a lifetime, that make the diet sooooooo much more interesting. Especially the Pudding CAkes and jicama fries...
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