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Default Doing things my own way with questions.

I have a couple of friend who have done IP and one of them decided a couple months into it that it was just too expensive so she started doing things her own way. She managed to lose 35 pounds (which was all she needed to lose) and has kept it off for about 3 months or so. She knew I wanted to try something similar to IP but can't afford it and there is no way I could convince my hubby I needed it so I'm going about this how she did. I also have a couple friends still on IP who question a couple of things I'm doing so I'm not sure what I should be doing.

I drink an Atkins shake at about 7 every morning.
At noon I eat a salad and 2 cups of veggies with Walden Farms dressing. (Need your thoughts on the best kinds I've wasted money on a couple already.)
The one who didn't finish with IP says I should eat 4oz of meat with this meal. I didn't the first of day but I have the past 3. She also said I should eat another atkins product with this meal but she likes to save hers for an afternoon snack. So I've been eating an Atkns bar at about 3.
Then at dinner I've been eating about 4-6 ounces of meat and 2 cups of veggies. I've had lettuce a couple times but not always.
Then she said between 8 and 9 I should have another Atkins product. So I was planning on drinking another shake (she said 1 bar per day but 2 shakes) but I haven't yet. I've been too full and then I fall asleep and it's too late.
So as of today I've switched my afternoon bar for a shake because it will be easier to have the bar at night for me I believe.

I've also been drinking about 100oz of water and I have added some Mio every now and then.

So, my question is, since I don't have the packets do I need to eat meat at lunch or should I save it for just dinner? It seems what I've been doing is working because I have lost 5.4 pounds since Thursday but I don't want to start all wrong and have no where to go from there.

Anything you see that I can tweak I would be open to suggestions. I'm still in my 1st week so I want to make sure I'm doing it all right. Thanks!
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From reading on these boards..and not having money either.. ive learned:

You can either split up 7-8 oz of cooked meat throughout the day or you can have it in one sitting..

You can split your 4 cups of veggies into two servings and eat it through the day or have it at one meal..

As far as shakes..Atkins shakes are a lot higher in calories than a typical IP shake..which means your actually ingesting way more calories then IP people..(i learned this through making the same mistake) So if your going to do a a shake thats around 100-120 calories per serving.. I suggest a whey shake instead..cause the premise of IP is low calorie, low fat moderate protein..

So a shake with on average of 15grams of protein 5carbs or less and 120 calories or less.. is something you hould be drinking.. Same thing with your atkins bars.. They are too high in fat most of the time..and i know that they go by "net carbs"..but truth is: you need to count your real carbs..

So...think of doing shake breaky.. lunch shake +veg or salad and dinner=8oz of lean protein and veg Snack=shake or bar.
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If you want to do alternative products especially shakes, EAS Advantage is a good substitue or you can look in the alternative thread to find different options. A lot of us order from Lindora, Nashua Nutrition, & New Lifestyle Diet. All are available online..
Walden Farms - Dress them up with spices. I really like the chipolte ranch.. or I make my own dressing of EVO and Vinegar.
You need to be sure to get your vitamins and supplements in.. Also 1-2 teaspoons of EVO ad day & 1/2 teaspoon of SEA SALT.
Rule of thumb for alternative IP products, for non restricted, stay between 90-120 calories and 5 or less grams of fat & carbs..
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The 1st week I did IP, I did with alternative products b/c my center did not have the product yet and I wanted to get started right away. From reading and rereading the alternative threads, I found (2) items that worked for me that were good substitutes for IP, and I could buy them at Target. I didn't want to order anything on line because I wanted to get started immediately, and I knew I would eventually be starting IP. They were EAS Carb Advantage ready made shakes and Pure Protein peanut butter protein bars. Here is a good outline for following the IP protocol:

B: EAS shake
L: EAS shake, 2 cups of veggies plus salad (mostly lettuce) with 1 t. olive oil (and any other spices and apple cider vinegar)
S: Pure Protein bar
D: 5-8 oz. of any meat or fish of your choice, 2 cups of veggies plus salad (mostly lettuce) with 1 t. olive oil, etc...

Also, you need to get in 1/2 t. of salt daily, I usually just sprinkle some on my meat and salads or veggies. Or you could eat a couple of pickles.

Also, I don't know if you have been reading through the threads, but egg whites are free, so you could have a couple of scrambled or hard boiled egg whites at breakfast in addition to your shake if you want more or actually need the "chewing" motion for satisfaction.

If you are a coffee drinker, you are also allowed 1 oz. of skim milk in your coffee with either splenda or stevia for sweetner. If you do buy the vanilla ready made shakes, I believe you are allowed (for free) to use some of it in your coffee if you like flavored coffee. I don't drink coffee, so this needs to be confirmed by someone who does.

You could also have your snack in the evening if you eat a early dinner. I eat dinner around 8-8:30 so I have my snack between lunch and dinner, but it is your choice. I did this for the 1st week and lost 5.6 pounds. I have since switched to IP for the last 2 weeks and lost a total of 4.4 pounds. All in all, I am happy with my success on and off of IP products. I think the main point to take away is watch your carbs and to put your body in ketosis, and you don't need to necessarily buy IP products to do that.
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I have been eating sea salt on my meat and a little on my veggies and I've been roasting veggies in EVOO because I don't feel as "deprived" eating these as I do raw all the time. I have also only been taking my multi vitamin with extra calcium so I will need to pick up a few more next time I'm at Walmart.
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OP 6/5/11
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FWIW: I've started replacing a couple of IP shakes each day with shakes made from Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein. I bought the Chocolate Malt but wish I would have bought the Double Rich Chocolate. The Chocolate Malt is too sweet tasting for me. I'm going to try mixing it with Soy milk instead of water to see if that helps. Using the Soy milk will get the Gold Standard shake very close to the IP shake in total carbs and sugars.

The ingredient list is almost identical to the IP shake. More protein in the Gold Standard 24g VS 18 (IP Chocolate packet); 3g of total carbs VS 9g in the IP; less Calcium 10% VS 35%.

The big difference is that the ON Gold Standard doesn't appear to have skim milk as a protein ingredient.

I may get some Double Rich Chocolate to try it out to see how it compares with the IP shakes for taste.

I have to admit that the IP chocolate shake is pretty tasty, but $4 a pop is hard to swallow.

Good luck with your quest.
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