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All Hail The Queen
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Excellent post and congrats on your weight loss!

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congrats on the weightloss!
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Wow, I've been struggling with weight for along time . What you wrote just clicked for me.....thank you very much!
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Default True that!

We all know that, in our heart of hearts. It's kind of simple, eat better and move more. I'll get there, eventually. Thanks for the words of wisdom.
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i remember that video! i tried finding everywhere and no luck till i found a web site and found it! It is so inspiring!
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Amazing journal and you are right there is no such thing as a magic pill!
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What a great and inspirational post Mrs Jim.
Posts like this are a great help to those like me who are just starting our weight loss journeys. This is one I will return to again and again when I need spurring on.
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thank you for posting this.
it really helps.
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i wish if there was a magic pill or potion .. i would be releaved

thanks for the post
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Hi I am new to 3FC and reading this was amazing. Its like I know all my life that eating right and excercise is how i will get what i desire. But no I have tried so many other things and am still fat!

Not anymore!
im only 1 1/2 weeks in but God definetly brought me here to 3FC.
This is it! Im not giving up! thank you so much for your post Ms Jim!

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Just keep swimming...
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Thanks so much for this!
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What a wonderful post. Thanks, Mrs. Jim! I think it's great to know that there is no magic way to do it, but that we are all capable of doing our own internal magic and getting it done. There is no miracle, except the miracle of ourselves. That's very positive.
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This is such a great post! Thanks for the reminder that our hard work really does pay off!
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Default My 2 cents

In the past, if someone had said to me that their "secret" was to eat less and exercise more, I would have been one of those who would be discouraged. Not because I didn't want to put in the effort, but because I had and it wasn't that simple for me! I actually eat more now than I used to.

What I try to tell people, if they're genuinely interested, is that I learned to eat smarter, not less. I learned what works for my body--eating often, lots of lean protein and veggies, moderate amounts of good fats and fruit, much less whole grains and starchy veggies than the government's food guide, and almost no simple carbs at all. That evened out my blood sugar enough to give me the energy to be able to exercise, and the more exercise I did, the more activities I could do and enjoy doing. And I emphasize that I'm never hungry and have loads more joy in life.

I'd tried losing weight by eating less and exercising like mad, and it just wasn't sustainable. What finally worked was deciding that whatever I did this time, it had to be something I could live with for the rest of my life. It's taking longer than I would wish, but since I'm out of the "overweight" BMI range (just barely), I'm not fixed on reaching a goal by a particular date. That doesn't work for me at all (my body seems to get stubborn if I try to force it). I am a smaller size than I'd ever thought possible. My size 6 jeans are starting to slip! I'd like to lose another 10 to be able to get my wedding ring on and indulge in a pizza occasionally, but I'd really not change much of anything, goal weight or not. I wouldn't say it has been hard. Hard was getting through the fat years, being exhausted all the time.
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Fit Jeff
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I couldn't agree more! Great job!
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