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Default Thanks

Wow! Everything said here is so very true.

I've just gotten back on the site after being *MIA* for I can't tell you how many months! I have not weighed myself yet, but I am eager to get going again.

I watched an interesting documentary last week (Super Size Me) and it really opened my eyes. Since I have seen that show I have not set foot in a McDonald's, Wendy's, Whataburger, Arby's, Burger King, etc. It's been just about a week now and I can honestly tell you that I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm sleeping better at night and I don't have as strong a craving for the *JUNK* I used to eat everyday.

I did see the "Frontier House" series and was fascinated by it. I can't wait to see the next series.

I'm really working on simplifying things and getting my entire household back to eating home cooked meals and working to get away from processed foods.

I agree, the key is to take stock in what we are putting in our bodies and to take a minute to think, "do I really want this?".

Thanks everyone for the great info!
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goin' for goal!
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Hoping to really do it today!
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WOW that was some inspiration I will say. You started at the weight I am and down to 140. I am feeling better already!
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I am new and was hoping someone out there could help me. I am 43 yrs. old, mother of four, (23, 21, 19, and 17) and wife of 24 years. Six months ago I decided I was tired of being fat and hired a trainer and began a workout program. I have lost no weight in these last six months. I do notice change and have lost three inches from my hips and three inches from my waist but that just doesn't seem like much with all the work I've been putting into my workouts. I lift weights on Monday (legs), Tues. ( back, chest and shoulders) and THurs. (biceps and triceps) along with additional 20-30 min. of cardio and on Friday cardio only about 40 minutes. I also do abs three days a week. I use to log my calories and exercise and according to it I burn approx. 3000-3500 calories a day and eat approx. 1600-1800. THis should mean I should be loosing weight but I am not. I have had my thyroid checked and everything seems to be okay. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am desperate to see some results on the scale!!!
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Post Exercise

I could be wrong but I read that exercise builds muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. So if your exercising and not losing weight you may be losing inches.
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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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Mrs. Jim,
Thanks for the inspiring words and the intro to Fitday, what an eye opener! I was getting losts in all the posts and personal stories (no offense to anyone) so I went back to your original message. Just have to do the work.
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swim and be free
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ty mrs jim,thats very good advice.thanks for sharing ...peanuts
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Thanks Mrs. Jim for the incredible insight. It made so much sense to me. There were times in my life that I tried to use the "magic Pill" only to regain the weight and then some. Now, I stick to my low-carb program and work my butt off, literally, with exercise and it is working for me. I journal my food at home each day. I log it honestly and truthfully. I try to drink all the water that I should. I believe in my ability to succeed now and that has made a huge difference in my weight loss journey. The people in this 3FC forum are inspirational for me. I am also hooked on watching the Celebrity Fit Club and The Biggest Loser. It encourages me when I see others who are working at changing their lives for the better. Makes me want to get up and get more exercise. I now believe the biggest obstacle for me, was myself. I didn't think I could do it, but now I know I can. No pill can ever change my own bad habits, only I can do this.
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NEVER Give Up:)
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Thank you Mrs. Jim for sharing that post. You really hit everything correct with the wording. You are such an inspiration...
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I just want to tell you THANK YOU for posting this. A few months ago I read this and it really sunk in!!! All that time I wasted looking for that "overnight fix" and then I found this! I have kept this article in mind ever since and I've lost 65 lbs so far!!!
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Originally Posted by SHIRLEYQ27
Hi I Am New To This Sight My Doctor Has Recently Put Me On Glucophage 500 Mg A Day I Have Lost 11 Pounds In 21 Days. Has Anyone Else Tried This Way Before Please Let Me Know Thank You Chrissy

Glucgophage is used to treat Type II diabetics and yes weight loss is one of the side effects because it is keeping your blood sugar stable. Basically your blood sugar is to high so you bod stores the extra sugar as fat. Taking the med's keeps your blood sugar regulated so your cells can use it for energy rather than store it. I took Glucophage for a year when I was first diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, but after loosing the weight I was able to stop taking it and keep my blood sugar within normal ranges with exercise and diet. I unfortunately figured out just how much I could eat and keep my blood sugar down, but not low enough to keep the weight off so I am now back in the boat I was before. I am trying to exercise and eat low carb to keep from having to take med's again.
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Freedom awaits us
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Default Good Message and Info to keep

Just for my reading over and printing off.
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I will tell you what changes I made.
I stopped eating junk "indiscriminately". What I mean by that is-I do sometimes have junk, but it's either the light version or it's for a special occasion, like a sliver of my niece's birthday cake. I will NOT eat it just because it's there in front of me. I am trying to keep that promise to myself. If I really REALLY want some, I will have it, but most of the time, I don't even really want it anyway.
I also stopped eating regular food indiscriminately. I have to keep track of what I'm eating, at least in my head.
I will NOT allow myself to get too hungry. I'm eating something every couple of hours. My blood sugar seems too sensitive to go too long without eating. So I tried eating smaller amounts more often, and lo and behold, it worked for me.
I never starved myself. In weight loss mode, I started out at 1500 and my nurse practitioner told me that was too low for me so I raised it. I'm now around 1900 a day and holding out at around 145 lbs.
I can live with that.
It's now always easy, but I have (I hope) convinced myself that every meal does not need to be a "feast", which seems to be the way I was living before. The very hardest part for me is restaurants, and not because I really want to eat the huge portions of junk, but more because there seem to be so few sensible options available.
I also exercise a little, but not nearly enough.
Losing weight was not that difficult. It truly is keeping it off that is the toughest. I wish us all strength in this constant battle!
Oh, and I never believed in a "magic pill" LOL and never took any weight loss supplements. Just multivitamins!
edited to add: I'm glad I don't really like fast food or hot dogs/cold cuts/sausages/any kind of strange meat. It saves me a lot of grief! LOL Easy to avoid b/c I don't even like it!

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Default nondieter

I read something on here about nondieters after a search for Jean Antenello. But once I'm logged in I can't find it. Help!!! I don't think I'll ever be able to figure this place out. Ha!
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Jean Antenello is mentioned in the following three posts. If you click the links, you will see individual posts. If you want to read the entire discussion, you can click the Thread link on the top right hand corner of the single post window.
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