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Exclamation some support for all of you reading this <3

I hope you guys reach your goals and get in shape just like I'm trying to do. I have had some difficulties with my weight almost every day since I started hormonal birth control and I started gaining weight. It's pretty hard living with it and I don't know what to do. I'm using birth control implant and I don't want to have kids... you guys have any idea what I should try next??

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Like you, I always knew I had no interest in having kids. Throughout my 20s, I took birth control pills (they didn't have implants back in those days). When I reached 28, I decided I wanted to get my tubes tied, but figured no doctor would take me seriously until I was at least 30. So after I turned 30, I talked to my GYN about getting my tubes tied. I told him that I wasn't making the decision lightly - I had known for many years that I didn't want children and had made myself wait until 30 for the surgery.

This was very simple "band-aid" surgery - two small incisions at the belly button - one for the camera, another for a laser. Had the surgery done on Friday and was back at work on Monday. Insurance paid most of it - Cheaper for them to cover the surgery than pay for a pregnancy. The nice thing is that I was once again running on my own hormones, and I think I actually felt better. I am now 53 years old and have never had a second of regret about getting the surgery.

I can only speak from my own experience, of course. But if you're CERTAIN you don't want kids and are past 30, I would definitely talk to your doctor about tubal ligation surgery.
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I also had problems, but when I throw off the first 80 ib. then found a purpose
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I'm a guy, but as I understand it, your main issue is insulin. Birth control can make insulin levels higher. Simply put, your body wants to store fat when insulin levels are high. You have 3 main options, I think... Caloric restriction (yuck), Ketogenic diet, and time restricted eating ("intermittent fasting). Keto works well for me. It restricts carbohydrates pretty severely, which which cause glucose levels to lower which will cause insulin levels to drop. Time restricted eating means limiting eating times to a specific block of time. The idea is that by not eating during your "fasting" period, your insulin level will fall to the point that your body will burn fat for energy. The length of the fast can vary. I have used 16/8 (16 hours fasting) and OMAD (One Meal a Day... about 22 hours fasting). Neither Keto nor time restricted eating technically require caloric restriction, but both tend to result in some caloric deficit. Keto, because fat intake tends to be more satisfying, and so you eat less. With time restricted eating, you are just having fewer meals, and tend to eat less. The good part of time restricted eating is that when you DO eat, the meals tend to be "regular" and satisfying.

In short, your hormonal treatment is causing a hormonal imbalance that is making it harder for you to lose weight (or even maintain). The answer to that is to do the things you need to do to counteract the hormonal changes caused by your meds.

Good Luck!
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birth conrol, weight loss, weightlossmotivation

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