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Post Started 386 NOW 367 .. FEELING STUCK

Hey guys I have been around 367 for going on a few months it would go up and down and I realized I'm not pacing myself enough. I also have a habit of being an emotional eater. I have improved so I don't do it when I'm sad...but when I'm anxious that seriously is it's own beast.
I stocked up on healthy snacks so maybe I can boost my metabolism....I'm rambling any positive thoughts or advice would be great
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starting over again
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I am also roughly where you are, 345ish right now - and an emotional eater. I have started using myfitnesspals free calorie tracker to keep track of what goes in and what goes out and honestly it is both eye opening and making me a bit bitter. Things I thought were healthy or felt good about eating when piled up in the quantities I am used to eating are turning out to be 1000 calorie meals. I am not where I can be sticking perfectly to a plan yet, I am just trying to make gradual changes and be accountable - as well as seeing how much the small amount of exercise I do manage does help. Anyway good luck, I am around a bit in the 300+ group, maybe I will see you there
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What are the "healthy snacks" you bought? Stay away from processed packaged stuff and eat vegetables, fruits and protein for your snacks instead. If you're hungry eat some pure peanut butter (not processed) and celery. Or eat chicken breast. Or a can of tuna. These are just my tips from what has worked for me. There are many ways to lose weight.

If you can, maybe go check with your doctor so he can give you a metabolic test to see how your metabolism is working. Exercise + eating protein/vegetables every 2-3 hours is best to keep your metabolism high.

You're doing so well, though. None of this is easy. And you've already lost 20 lbs, that's amazing!! I am also an emotional eater. Yesterday I drove to the store specifically to buy a piece of cake that they have already sliced, I walked in, seen the vegetables and fruit and all of the healthy people picking their stuff out... and I turned right back around and walked out of the store. The urge to emotionally eat will probably never go away for us... but you just gotta want to be healthy more than you want junk food. It's a lifelong battle!
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You can do this. Somewhere along the way, I went from being emotional non-eater to an emotional eater. Which is hard in this very stressful job I have. I've been trying to be better at not stuffing things in my face.
You can do this. I have just found this site and am SO ready for all the support.
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WEightlos dating
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Best wishes to you
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I'm having really good luck with the myfitnesspal calorie counter. I have it set to 1500 and I do my best to stay in that area. I've learned that it's kind of like a balancing act. If I want those cheese its I have to cut my chicken portion in half. Or substituting helps. For example for dinner I had walking tacos...only Doritos are way to many calories so I had extra lettuce. Then I subbed cheese and sour cream for cottage cheese. Added some veggies to bulk it up (onion and green pepper) and I have an awesome dinner for under 600 calories. It would have been way less but I had to have a full cup of beef. Just keep with it! Don't get discouraged. You can do it and you have us to help.
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Hi. I am currently struggling with emotional / compulsive overeating at least once or twice a week. Also taking in excessively large portions resulting in high calorie intake.. Any suggestions for solutions?
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Hi everyone, like mentioned before, it's really about what you are eating. A lot of snack companies will put "healthy" on their labels, but really they are still pretty bad. I used to buy sunbelt granola bars because I thought they were good for me, but then turns out they got moved to the pastry section of the grocery store because they were so bad! So make sure you look at the nutrition labels!

Clara411, one thing that helps me is to post reminders and write down goals where I get to see them every day. So maybe on your fridge put a note that has a few words of encouragement for yourself to keep the portion sizes lower. There's nothing more motivating that seeing a note that says "You have a beach vacation in 4 months, you're going to look your best so keep up the good work!" Also, sometimes when we are hungry we are actually just thirsty. Stay hydrated
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It happens and in my opinion, most of us have already been in your position before. Stay motivated and focused, I know that it's easier said than done, but being motivated and focused are the most important factors in weight loss journey.
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