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Wow, your story and pictures are amazing!! I'm very new here, but reading these stories have really started inspiring me... I can't wait til I can put my GOAL story up here! Congratulations... you look great :-)
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OOOO wowow!!!!! You can see the look in your Hubbys eye too! ahhaha hes got a hot wifey!
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Finding Me Again
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I'm so happy for you!!!!! I just began running again, so I need every inspirational story that I can get my 'eyes' on! And I promised myself that I would run a 5K next year. Congratulations to you!
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Awesome job. Thanks for posting.
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You look fantastic and you both look so much in love! Congratulations on all your accomplishments!
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You look amazing!!!!! Thanks for being an inspiration!
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fat-fighting ninja!
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Holy Crap! you look smokin!

reading your story just reminds me that ya i can do this!
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I got tears in my eyes reading your story. You worked your *** off (literally) and it paid off! You look amazing and so happy!
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Congratulations! You look amazing!
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Height: 5'3

Default Congratulations!

You look absolutely amazing! I admire your determination! You are a role model and an inspiration!

I have lost about 25 kilos two years ago and then I got lazy and my weightloss stalled for a while (good thing I have not gained)....until I started running in March and it seems that I am getting there slowly.... I am kilo away from normal weight, but about 10 kilos away from my vanity weight ha ha.... It is great to see your accomplishments.... I am currently running 3 miles a day (6 days a week), so my next goal is a 10k.... I am slow, but I really enjoy running... You represent a great motivation for me! I am taking baby steps but I am hoping to run a half marathon some day.....

Congratulations again!
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I just love your new pics, fabulous
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Thanks for sharing your story! It was so inspirational! I don't know you, but I'm still so proud of you! Reading your story makes me want to go running! I think when I'm feeling lazy I'll just have to come back and read it again. haha.


p.s. You look hot!

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Holy crap, you are a stone cold fox! My favorite thing about your pics though, is you look genuinely happy in all of them. I am so impressed by your strength and commitment - you are FIERCE, lady!
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Let's do this!
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I LOVE that you had do-over pics! You both look fabulous!
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Beautiful pictures. Congratulations on meeting your goals and looking amazing!
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