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Default Congrats

Originally Posted by guamvixen View Post
Once upon a time I weighed 250 lbs. I felt horrible, ugly, tired, and sad. As sad as it is to say...I was in an unhappy marriage, and that didn't help either. The turning point of my life was from a picture of me riding an elephant at our annual Rennaisance Festival. A friend of mine asked me "wow, who is that elephant riding the elephant?" Of course it was me...some friend right? But needless to say that horrible comment snapped me out of it.
I started out slowly, walking three times a week for 20 mins at a time. I cut everything I ate in half. To give you an idea of what I was eating:

Breakfast: TWO flour tacos of bacon, egg, potato and cheese.

Lunch: Burger, or Chicken Friend Steak, the whole side, and a coke.

Snack: Carrot cake (every day, the deli in my building had the BEST carrrot Cake)

Dinner: Full meal. With a second serving, and of course desert.

Evening Snack: Usually some chips, or cookies.

I let food consume me! After I cut all my food intake in half, I started getting results immediately. Before I knew, I fit into size 18's again. Then I increased my work out to walking five times a week. Once that became too easy, I starting mixing in some jogging. I next realized I had to cut out all sweets, junk food, sodas, and I also eliminated red meat and pork. I noticed that my body couldn't digest those foods very well, along with cheese. So I broke up with all of them! It was SOO hard to do, but I don't miss it. So now I just eat chicken, seafood, and turkey. I occasionally enjoy a sweet treat, but I don't over indulge.

It took me exactly one year to lose 115 lbs. I had no surgery, utilized no diet pills, I did have a trainer for about 6 weeks, but I only lost about 5 lbs during that time. When I went at it alone, I got better results faster. My workout consists of running 3-5 times a week now. I'm up to six miles of running! No walking, or jogging, but running! I can finish it in a little under an hour and I always feel so accomplished afterwards!

Since my lifestyle change, I have gotten a divorce, I waited 8 months after my divorce was finalized to give love another shot. I have found the most wonderful man any woman could ever wish for! The best part about him was that he knew me when I was big, was always sweet, he had liked me, but I knew emotionally, mentally, and physically, I wasn't ready so I waited. And when the right time came, we hit it off!

I knew there was a happier person inside me, I just needed to get out of my 115 lb suit that I was wearing for so long! I love shopping now, I love meeting new people, I have confidence, I am no longer tired most importantly!! This website helped me out in so many ways, the stories, and support here is phenomenal. I thank each and every one of you who read this for your time, and motivation, and inspiration! I wish everyone the best on their journey whether you are about to start, doing, or maintaining! Thanks for looking! My name is Sam and I'm 5'4'' 29 years old and 135 lbs wearing a size 6 and some 4's depending on the brand! xoxo

Congrats. You inspire me!! Nice. You look great.
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WOW! Congrats on all of your hard earned success! Thank you for inspiring me! You look fabulous!
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keep on truckin' momma
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What an incredible story,congratulations on your success! Your and inspiration to many(and you just inspired me to get a workout in today) You look absolutely beautiful!

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Amazing, your story has truly inspired me, I have to keep the drive and goal in mind! thanks.
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You look fabulous! I bet you feel like a different person on the inside as well, huh? I'm inspired beyond words...congrats!!!
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Way to go! You look amazing, and are such an inspiration!
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Thumbs up Go Girl!!

Sam, you know I love ya girl...
I am sooo proud of you... and you soo inspire me.... words can not even begin to say how much you MOTIVATE me.....
YOU ROCK!!!! and thank you for posting the pics.... AMAZING girl!!! You are sooo beautiful....
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Great job!!!!
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Thanks for sharing your story Sam. You look fabulous! You took charge of your life and made the changes you needed to make to be healthy and happy. What a great encouragement to everyone that is struggling.
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WOW!!! What a great story, and you look amazing

Congrats on your weight loss
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over and over again
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Thank you sooo much for sharing your weight loss story. It has truly inspired me. I have a lot of weight to lose and at times it feels overwhelming but I am commited and so far so good. Thanks again. U look wonderful
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wow! you are such an inspiration
You look AMAZING!!
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Congrats. Sam!
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Way to go!!! You look awesome.
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Wow...THAT is some awesome inspiration right there! I am guessing you (at your starting weight) were about the same as I am right now. You look adorable & even younger! I am 31 (32 in a few weeks...ugh!) and I am about to jump on this weight loss band wagon next week! (I have to be prepared!) Anyway, I hope & pray that I will have before and after pictures to post on here in the near future. Thanks for sharing....those pictures are very, VERY inspiring!
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