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Default My weight removal journey

This is my weight removal journey. I did not and will not say weight loss because I will never find those pounds again and I'm not looking for them.
How did I get from the once 255 lb. person I was in 2003 to now the 167 lb. woman I've grown into?
I started with Atkins back in 2003. It was not a wise choice for me. Now looking back if I would of been smarter about it, it might of worked. The thing with low carb is you have to eat lean protein and lots, and lots of vegetables. Not hamburger everyday and you must drink tons of water because of all the protein. I lost 55 lbs. rapidly, never exercised much and looking back didn't feel the greatest either. Why do I say it was not a wise choice? I think during that time I lost lean muscle mass. Why do I think that? I felt weaker after losing that weight than I felt at the 255 lbs. I went off the diet as many people do and gained back 25 lbs. I maintained at about that until I decided I had had enough.
On Jan. 10th of 2007 was independence day for me. I knew I was going to remove my excess weight and never look back. I read, read and read some more. I do not believe everything I read so I took a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
I had been obese now for about 20 years. I had tried Lean cuisine dinners only, liquid diets, weight watchers, exercise without food control, nutri-system. Yes I lost weight but put it back on when I reverted to my old ways.
I knew in my heart and head that this had to be something I could stick to for my entire life.
I am very independent and head strong. I made my mind up and nothing was going to interfere with this decision.
I read YOU on a diet, SuperFoods RX and SuperFoods Healthstyle. I joined 3FC and read lots here, l looked up things on the internet and joined TOPS for the weekly weigh in.

I decided to count calories and record it on fitday. I did cardio at first liked the elliptical the most. Usually I did 60 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week.
I ate: vegetables, beans, high fiber cereals, limited fruit(I tend to over indulge), cut out beef, ate bison instead, fish, nuts, yogurt, low fat dairy, soy products, drank green tea and drank my water somedays and somedays I didn't(not a good idea). I also took a vitamin.

I recorded all my food until September. I lost all my weight from January till September. In October I started weight lifting. I had tried this occasionally but now I got serious. I read Body For Life for Women. I like how I feel much more now then when I was just doing cardio.
I feel cardio has its place but if you truly want to gain muscle you have to lift weights.
I have now bought New Rules of Lifting for women and The Eat clean diet.
I feel I will never stop learning and evolving.
The biggest mistake I made is I thought I knew how to remove the weight for a lifetime but just didn't do it. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT AND THAT IS WHY I WAS OBESE FOR SO LONG.
The other thing I learned it didn't matter how much I said I wanted to do it but until my head was in the right place it wasn't going to happen.
This journey has been 95% in my head but the benefits have definitely been out there for all the world to see. I wish you all the same success on your weight removal journey. I wish I could give you all a magic pill to get there.
I don't believe anyone will ever get there using someone elses plan. We are all individuals and what works for me may not work for you. Trial and error. Remember eat things with high nutritional value and exercise(weights, cardio and stretching) Good luck to all of you and take care of yourselves. If you do not take care of yourself no one can do it for you.

I just read Burn the fat Feed the muscle by Tom Venuto(on line book)
It is a must read.

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Congrats on your journey! It's so inspiring to see when someone makes it happen!
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Very Inspirational! I am on my way back. I lost almost 100 pounds 5 years ago -- but have slowly put all but 20 of it back on. I have tried all the diets too. WW ususally works for me -- but I couldn't stand going back a failure again this time... so I'm on my own. So far so good. You're right about it being 95% in your head! Keep up the great work.
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Thanks for sharing!! Congrats!
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You look fantastic and I have to agree with everything you said. My biggest hang up over the years has been mental. I discovered this about a month ago doing research, like you I read and read. Now that I am addressing the issues I am calorie counting and designing a plan for me. Something I can live with for the rest of my life. I have to admit I am losing slower but I am find with that and have set my goal for a pound a week. It may be slow but I want to make sure it doesn't come back again.
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MSer living healthy
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Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. Stories like yours helps keep me motivated during the tough times.
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What an inspiration you are !
I like the idea of weight removal and not weight loss.
Thank you so much for such an encouraging post.
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Thank you all. Some of you should look in the mirror for inspiration. Purple you have had your own great success.
The weight removal idea is not my own, it comes from Body for Life for Women.
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You don't even look like the same person! Wow! Thanks for the inspiration!
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Wonderful story - thank you for taking the time to share it with us!
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Your story really struck a chord with me. Thank you so much for sharing. I have tried to write this post a couple of times to really try to express myself, but I just cant get it right in words. The best i can do is to tell you that you empowered me, motivated me, confirmed what I feel inside. Thank you.

You're transformation is amazing. You look FABULOUS!

~ Gretchen
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Thumbs up

I thought I had posted a reply yesterday but I must have messed up because I don't see it in the thread. I just wanted to say that I would not have recognized you from the 'before' picture. You look 10 years younger and so radiant!
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Congrats on your weight loss. You're an inspiration to all of us!
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Thanks so much for sharing your story. You look fabulous! Congratulations!
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I agree - you look so much younger and so vibrant.
Enjoy your new life!

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