Goal! Have you reached your goal? Share your success story and celebrate your victory!

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Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Metro Detroit Area, MI
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S/C/G: 216/116/125 100 Lbs Lost!

Height: 5' 1" Tall

Talking 125!!! I reached my goal!

I am finally in maintenance after 17 months! I have learned so much, but feel I still have volumes to learn. It's exciting living a healthy lifestyle. It's NEVER boring. You ladies here have inspired me so much and given me so much hope during this whole process. I can't thank you enough.

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Oh boy - I get to be the first one to say congratulations!

We're looking forward to seeing you in the Maintainers Forum.

If you ever have a spare few minutes, I know that members would love to read your whole story, beginning to end - how you did it and what you've learned along the way.
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3 + years maintaining
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Join Date: Sep 2006
Posts: 12,070

S/C/G: 287/120's

Height: 5 foot nuthin'



Wow times a million. What an incredible day this must be for you. Enjoy your day and your new wonderful body and the healthier life you have paved for yourself.
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On my way to 160!
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: USA
Posts: 1,079

S/C/G: 275/191/160

Height: 5 feet 4 1/2 inches

Default Ahead of schedule, too!

Hi Libby!

That is SO awesome to reach your goal...and AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, too! Enjoy every moment of your thinner and healthier life!

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Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Atlanta
Posts: 5,500

S/C/G: 310/310/180

Height: 5'7


Libby, what a red letter day! Congratulations. You are an inspiration to us.
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Committed Maintainer
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Location: Upstate NY
Posts: 149

S/C/G: 214/117.5/120

Height: 4'-11.75"



I have read your blog, your myspace, and your posts here for so many months now that I think I may be almost as excited with your accomplishment as you are. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you. Congratulations on reaching your goal and I wish you the best of luck as you venture into maintenance land!!!!
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Life's tough Get a helmet
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Location: Texas
Posts: 204

S/C/G: 195/195/145

Height: 5'3"



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Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Baltimore
Posts: 382

S/C/G: 160/122/120


Congratulations!!! That's fantastic!! I'm totally happy for you!
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 218

S/C/G: 205.5/158.50/132

Height: 5'7"


Libby! I think your story is amazing. I hope to achieve my goal sometime this year as well. And I know what it feels like to weigh 205 pounds! You really look healthy and happy! You have soooo much to be proud of. Keep up the great work on Maintenance!
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.::On a Mission::.
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Location: Columbus, Ohio
Posts: 126

S/C/G: 257/*Ticker*/150

Height: 5'2"


Many Congratulations. This is certainly a treat to see after going through a personal healthy lifestyle hiatus ... ... Nonetheless I wish you succesful maintenance!
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One Day at a Time
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Alabama
Posts: 36

Height: 5' 4"


Way to go!!!!!!!!! You are my inspiration today!
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Idaho
Posts: 4,735

S/C/G: 261/158/below 160

Height: 5'8" (Dang, I shrank an inch!)


Congratulations!! You look awesome, and I bet you feel better, too. Way to go, Libby!
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Location: San Bernardino, California
Posts: 192

S/C/G: 218.8/198/135

Height: 5'4

Talking Go Libby Go Libby

Hi Libby,

I just wanted to stop in a say a huge congrats to you. You have done something that I have never been able to acheive so far, but after reading you blogs and seeing your pictures, I know that it is still possible for me. Your journey has truely been a inspiration to me. And I love your uplifting spirituality. Keep up the good work. Hopefully sometime in the near future I will be where you are. May you continue to be blessed.

Miss McCoy
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Sleek and Fit. Finally.
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Location: Vancouver BC
Posts: 620

S/C/G: 159/139.4/135

Height: 5'5"



Great job!!!! Good for you. Now it's maintenance. Good luck.
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Posts: 486

S/C/G: Starting over

Height: 5'7"


Awesome! You have done such a great job! You look fantastic!

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