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Default The Metamorphosis

As promised, here are photos of me before and after my near 200 lb weight loss.



The light of my life

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You look absolutely AMAZING! I cannot believe the transformation... You look so strong, confident and beautiful. You are truly an inspiration. Congratulations on all of your hard work!!!
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Visualizing the Goal
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Congratulations on your weight loss success! Of course, you look fabulous, and you have so much confidence! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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Amazing photos, Koren Michelle! You were always beautiful but you're just radiating happiness now.
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I am speechless. I think this is the most impressive transformation to date. You look amazing!! I can see that you have fully accepted your new sexiness...lol.

Congratulations and thanks for motivating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! Those are amazing photos. You have certianly transformed yourself. Even your increased self-confidence comes through in the new pics. What a great inspiration.
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AMAZING!! Well done, you!!
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You look so incredibly beautiful!!! You're such an inspiration to everyone here!
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Amazing!! You are beautiful. You are a big motivation to me. Thanks for sharing. You are awesome!!
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You look AMAZING

Losing 200 pounds... wow. Incredible.
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WOW! You are GORGEOUS! Congratulations on all of your hard work!! You deserve to look that great!!
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Never give up
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Utterly awesome!!!! I cannot believe that is the same person. People who know you before the weight loss must not know where you went. There is NO way they could. I do not even see a resemblance. Whatever, whatever inspired you to make this change? I am flabbergasted!!!
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You are incredibly beautiful and an inspiration to everyone here. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.
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Slimming down in San Fran
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What a phenomenal change!

I agree with others... In my years here, your photos are at the pinnacle to show what can be done with determination. Just amazing.

Seriously, wow. Thank you for sharing and welcome! I hope you get tons of support here... it's great to have you here
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