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Default Neal Boortz Lost 42 lbs...Diet Look Familiar?

For those that don't know of him, Neal Boortz is a popular radio personality based in Atlanta, GA. I knew he was losing weight, but could never catch how he was doing it. Today they listed this on their website. So much of it sounds like LAWL...(of course I should be so lucky to lose 5 lbs a week...MEN stink!)

Neal Boortz
Exercise was not a part of the diet plan. But, I do exercise.

It was simply dropping calories to about 1400 per day and getting sugar out of the diet. Limited starch. Beef - four and a half, no 5 and half ounces of beef twice a week. No more. And never two days in a row.

You eat 5 times a day. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then between breakfast and lunch you eat some small snack. Between lunch and dinner, you eat a small snack.

You watch your potassium, sodium and you drink a minimum of 60-80 ounces of water per day. If I go a day and do not drink 80 ounces of water, I do not lose weight that day.

There are two things that will make it a certainty that when I get on the scale and I only get on the scale first thing in the morning because once you start drinking your water, then the weight goes up.

But if I did not eat dinner the night before, I will not lose weight. If I do not drink the water, then I will not lose weight.

Basically what I was doing was following Belinda's Quick Weight Loss Plan. They are only in Atlanta. There are certain foods that are not allowed like corn and carrots. Now I like corn and carrots, but you can't eat them on this plan because corn and carrots manufacture sugar once they get into your system.

I eat chicken, turkey cutlets, veal, ground turkey, and ground veal. I do not eat ground chicken. That sounds disgusting to me. Sometimes I will eat bison which is leaner than chicken.

I follow the 5-4-2 rule. Eat your last fruit of the day 5 hours before bedtime. Eat dinner four hours before you turn in, and have your last snack or supplement 2 hours before you go to bed.

The average weight loss for me was about 5 pounds per week. Now that I'm near goal, it's slowed down considerably because I don't have that much to lose. I started out at 259 pounds. Now I'm at 217 pounds.

That's a 42 pound weight loss and it seemed so easy to do!
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It does seem a lot like LAWLwow 5lbs a week so he was on this plan for what 8-9 weeks wow that was quick lol Shall we take bets on if he gains it back?
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