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Default What about an average-fat diet?

Lately I've been trying to increase my fat intake, partially at the recommendation of a dietician I saw and partially because I seem to have less sugar cravings if I do. It seems like we live in a low-fat world nowadays. I was just wondering if I'm alone in my desire to up my fat intake.

My goal is 25-30% of my calories from fat on average, and never below 20%. In analyzing my typical 'try to eat healthy' diet I find myself more in the 10-15% range. I make up the difference in carbs, usually simple ones.

I'm surprised at how hard it is for me to eat a full 30% of my calories from fat, when I'm trying to eat healthy. Oh, sure, it's easy when I'm not worried about what I'm eating. French fries or ice cream or cookies, all those will drive up the fat content just nicely.

But when I'm trying to eat 'healthy', I'm trying to eat fewer calories. It's tempting to go with low-fat and fat-free everything. But if you do that, where do you get fats from? Nowhere, really. That's why I'd hover around 10% fat on average, and way more sugars than I needed.

So now I've started going low-fat instead of fat-free on some things, 2% milk instead of skim, adding oil to what I sautee instead of just Pam cooking spray, eating things I'd normally avoid like peanut butter or peanuts. I'm trying to avoid the saturated fats, and the trans fats, and stick to the 'good' kind. It seems like such a chore, though, like I have to go out of my way to look for opportunities to sneak a little more fat in while keeping my calories down. Anyone else have that problem?

(Oh, and I'm not saying anything against low-fat diets at all (aside from the fact that you need some fat for fat soluble vitamins, I'm just not sure how much). I'm just looking at things from a different perspectiv e.)
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I too aim for about 30% of my calories from fat. I eat out a lot, so I get fat in stir fry's, tofu, and olive oil salad dressing. I like boiled eggs too. If you are curious to see precisely what I have been eating, my fitday journal is at:

I personally try not to eat low-fat or no-fat versions of things. I just try to eat foods that are naturally good for me. I also haven't been eating low-fat/low-sugar desserts either because I am trying to train myself to crave organic, natural, whole or minimally processed foods. My exception is diet soda. Since I used to drink about a liter of Mt. Dew a day, I think I have weaned myself off pretty well. I crave fat at times, and I don't feel satisfied unless I have it, so I think my body is trying to tell me something!

Hope that helps.

- Kim
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Default Olive Oil !

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents...

You could get alot of your fat from Olive oil (and it's got plenty of it!) but it's really good for you too.

Put it on salads w/ some red wine vinegar, a pinch of salt, a pinch of oregano, and a pinch of sugar (Yummmm...grandma's way!)

Stirfry your veggies in it...

Put it on your pasta...just pasta, oil, garlic powder, & Pecorino/Romano cheese....double Yummmm...(can also add broccoli or peas or zucchini etc to's great!)

Make home made french fries...cut up potatoes, toss in olive oil, season, & bake...voila!

So much to little time...!


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I have found there are two reasons I cannot do a low fat diet. First, the low fat foods which are processed had such an awful taste when they first were put on the market that now most of them add sugars to make them taste better. Look at the sugar content listed in the nutritional info on low fat foods. It is usually quite high. With hypoglycemia, that is poison to me.

Secondly, a low fat deit deprives me of the necessary building blocks to make a healty body. We need fats to make antibodies, neurotransmitters, hormones and a host of other necessary body parts. So, it is actually necessary to eat sufficient fats and proteins to make all those things and keep us healthy.

Dr Nancy Schwarzbein has written a book called The Schwarzbein Principle (of course!) where she explains how our diet must contain healthy fats and enough proteins to keep us functioning well. She explains all about the serotonin levels and how a balanced diet can correct the tiredness, lack of interest in things, food cravings, alcohol cravings (for those who are alcoholics) forgetfulness, and a moderate list of symptoms some people get from dieting and not eating enough of the right foods.

Eating almost only fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meats, beans, eggs, cheese, chicken and lots of fish seems to be the best diet. Plus, it can be a weight loss diet when done right.

But not everyone can do Dr Schwarzbein's diet. Those of us lucky enough to do it have found out why we craved ice cream and chocolate and how to avoid feeling obsessed by those "bad for you" foods.
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Lots of unsaturated (good) fat can be found in nuts, olive oil, avocados... So if you like guacamole - you can add lots of fat to your diet very easily... just don't overdo it
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I also eat a moderate fat diet. I only use regular salad dressing or low-fat. I only use the low fat because of the calorie content. I make sure the first ingredient is either olive oil and/or canola oil. My Dr. told me to make sure that sugar is listed as the 3rd. or 4th ingredient. Once I stopped eating things fat-free, my cholesterol and triglycerides went down quite a lot and have stayed down for over a year. I now eat eggs and meat and very little carbs.
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