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hi there! Im new to this particular forum and wanted to say hi.
My whole life I ate a low fat diet...but the past few years (im 30) i've been more...umm..generous with the sweet, high fat rich stuff that I use to never eat I did South Beach for a while, which worked well and helped motivate me...but I found it hard to maintain. (I have a small goal of @10 pounds...and just general toning up.)
Anyhow now here I am, back to what I know...low fat, high fiber diet and a lot of exercise. I guess I dont even see it as a diet really as much as a life style choice. I have a bad stomach, so high fiber stuff is great for me....and I have a bad back, so exercise is crucial....of course, motivating to keep these issues at bay is not always easy....
Anyhow - besides saying hi... I also have a question -
Im a big I want to snack, I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Like right 11:17pm...Im hungry so Im having Beef broth with cut veggies in it and a bit of low fat cheese. Is there anything wrong with me snacking like this late as long as they are healthy choices? Im usually up til 2:00am, so stopping eating right after dinner wont work...
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Hi, i do not know if anything is wrong with it. but i use to snack lots so i started the atkins program similiar to SB. anyhows i found if i eat more at meals. like my protein is filling. so i am not as hungry... might give that a try.. i find if i have chicken i jsut fry more of it.. and i eat more my dinner meal then not as hungry.. good luck and WELCOME to the board. alot of help here so come in often and share. LaDean
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I've been told by my diet counselor to stop eating two hours before bed...I've never really asked why, I'll have to do that the next time I meet with her.

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