General Diet Plans and Questions General diet questions, support for various diet plans other than those listed below.

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Default Exercise is not the best way to lose weight!!

18 Ways to lose weight without diet:

1-Measure and time meals
2-Sleep more, lose weight
3-Focus on vegetables to lose weight
4-Eat soups and soups
5-Eating whole grains helps you lose weight
6-Avoid eating processed meat
7-Choose healthier food
8-Choose your drink wisely
9-Prefer long and thin over short and wide
10-Do yoga
11-Eating at home helps you lose weight
12-Pay attention to the "stop eating" moment
13-Chew gum with a strong mint flavor
14-Choose smaller dishes to lose weight
15-Take care of the size of the ingredients
16-Look for the red sauce
17-Burn 100 calories other than those burned in a day
18-Celebrate if you have a good nutrition day

Follow this link to know all the details of that matter

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Thanku for the advices
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Exercise sure does help though, and for your general health.
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if you want to loss your weight then you need hard exercise and change your diet plan too. Yes exercise is not the only way for loss weight.
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Thanks for the Valuable information.
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Great list!
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People are taking Health Supplement for WeightLoss
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This list is really long !!
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