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Post New diet plan?

So over a period of just over 7months I tried out this diet with outstanding success.

I'm writing to see what others think of it, as it's unbelievable at shredding large amounts of fat (weight) within small periods of time.

To clarify, whilst on this diet (even mid way through like 3months in) if I stuck to it 100% I would still loose 7-10lbs a week.

The general idea is simple carbs are the main source of your body's energy, so cut them, I cut them massively less than 20grams a day if not less than 10grams. Which some people have told me is not healthy etc. but I took a comparable risk analysis, i.e. the risks of me being and staying massively overweight for longer vs. the health effects of a strict diet of the period of 7months.

So the diet I went on to consisted of a 4/5 egg omelette with bacon and zero carb sausages for the 1st meal. Approximately 1kg of turkey with lots of salad for the 2nd meal. And finally either approximately 1kg of pork or red meat with either salad or low carb vegetables such as bell peppers, mushrooms broccoli etc. Lots of water, tea and coffee to drink.

Obviously I would say this is the hardest diet to stick to out there as it denies something that everybody craves, carbs. However every 4 weeks I would allow myself one cheat meal on a Friday, NOT A CHEAT DAY, just a cheat meal.

This diet combined with 40 minutes of cardio, mainly cycling around 25kph, everyday, 7 days a week, allowed me to loose 7-10lbs a week, and in total roughly 10stone in a period of 7.5months, from 23stone 3ls down to 13 stone 7lbs.

When I eventually came off of the diet and started to reintroduce carbs and go back to a normal healthy regular eating programme I was still loosing weight, 2lbs a week combined with the exercise programme mentioned above.

What are people's general ideas and thoughts on this diet? Obviously people will say it's unhealthy etc. but it works. Can someone better explain the science behind it? I understand there's a degree of ketosis involved in this similar to the Atkins diet-ish.

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Hi Matt.
I think my math may be off. According to my math you ate like 4.5 pounds of meat a day. Is that correct?
No way I could eat that much meat. Well not sure, I never tried.
You are right it does sound like Atkins. Many of us think Atkins is healthy.
Check out the low carb section on 3 Fat Chicks.
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Damn that is allot of meat, the excess protein will turn into glycogen so eating little more carbs (say to 60g) while vastly lowering protein might give the same results while making the diet more tasty.

You should check fasting diet Dr Fung gives good lectures about that (you can find it on youtube), consult with your doctor, and all that. Fasting is easiest loosing weight diet, and you don't have to worry that much about carbs when you eat then since fasting lowers your insulin.

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