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Default Whats the mean plan that's worked for you?

This is a basic example of the plan I followed and before and lost 50+ pounds on. I want to try out some other ideas! What meal plan has worked to help you lose weight?

Plain Greek yogurt w/ blue berries and walnuts
Egg white omelet with veggies (onion, bell pepper, spinach, spices)

Salad with grilled chicken
Green smoothie w/ protein powder

Fruit and nuts

Grilled chicken with sweet potato and steamed broccoli
(I followed the rule of 1 lean protein + 1 green veggie + 1 starch).
Baked salmon with asparagus and brown rice

Tell me what's worked for you!
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S/C/G: 202/160/150

Height: 5'2"


Hello. I am following a flexible 5:2 diet and averaging 80 minutes a day road biking. I also stopped almost all alcohol intake.. boo hoo. So far, so good. I track my weekly calories and aim for 8500-9000 calories a week. A few of those days I am around 500-600 calories to make up for a few of the 2000 calorie days. I am limiting my calories to only nutritional items. So no empty calories, chips, sugar, white starchy stuff. That said, I am not that militant and have grabbed a few chips at parties, had some great wine when eating out, and taken bites of a few great desserts. Mostly, this journey back to a healthy weight has taught me to be calorie observant and to adjust before or after high calorie days and to track my weight to keep tabs on how it is working out.

I do breakfast for the first time in almost forever. Oatmeal, eggs, or a protein powder shake with almond milk and greens or an apple or something. Lunch is a bag of tuna mixed into a tomato or a bunch of celery. Dinner is a chicken or salmon, broccoli, maybe brown rice and a big salad. I am not a snacker, so that and 80-120 water and coffee in the a.m. is about it. If I am going on a 20+ mile bike ride, I make a peanut butter sandwich one one slice of multi grain bread. Sometimes a bit of cheese. When i eat out, I just enjoy it and go easy the next day or I planned a low calorie day the day before eating out.

I hope others are experiencing success with their plan.
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S/C/G: 135/125/120

Height: 5'7


Two courses, one sweet and one savory.
The sweet one is usually any type of porridge (made with oats, amaranth, millet, ...) with fruit, nuts and seeds, sometimes cocoa or soy flakes as well. Sometimes I make nice cream or chia pudding, it all depends on what I feel like that day, or I'll have healthy cake or muffins if I baked some (I use mainly legume flours tho, chickpea flour is my favorite).
The savory one is just any starchy vegetable (potatoes, corn, couscous, millet, amaranth, ...), a legume or legume product (beans, lentils, tofu) with a ton of vegetables, some are raw and some are cooked. So the plate will be mostly veggies. Depending on whether I eat both courses in one meal or not, I'll add some seeds to the savory meal as well, pumpkin or sesame seeds taste really nice usually. I love making stews, soups, chilis and stuff like that, it's really comforting.

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Hello. I have a great e-book on diet and weight loss("Weight Loss Plan: How To Lose 5 Pounds Per Week Without Feeling Hungry With The 7-Day Nourishing Meal Plan"). If anyone wants a free copy, send me an email.
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