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That sounds like alarmingly little food, and I say that as someone of 4'11 who is mostly bedbound due to disability and doesn't need much food. Losing 1lb/day is worryingly fast. Please check it with your doctor, and get them to keep an eye on your iron stores and similar. Very low calorie diets tend to cause nutritional deficiencies.
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Default Brand new to drastic portion control i.e.. 5 Bite Plan

Hello everyone, I am not only new to this diet but new to participating in any kind of forum...but here goes!!
I started on the plan yesterday in my plan to jump start this weight loss. I have 50 pounds to lose, and at age 51 that seems daunting to me. I have never been overweight, and this is a new and horrifying experience for me. Stress is primarily the culprit, resulting from numerous and sudden life changes. I know the dangers of re-gain, I understand the critical importance of balance and nutrition, but frankly after months of hard work, strict nutrition and exercise with zero results, I am willing do whatever it takes. So. I need some help and thoughts!
Instead of snickers I am using Cliff bars. I am also including solid protein - 3 tb of lean chicken last night; 3 tb of low-fat cottage cheese this morning. Nothing has worked for so long for me that I am afraid to even think this will be any different - I just need some encouragement and support. Thanks to anyone willing to give it.
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I count the glasses of water i drink not sips
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GREAT , Im goingt to try thanks for sharing
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Default replay

Is this still going on? I started with 5 bites the day before yesterday and was down 2 pounds this morning. I'd want to learn about other people's experiences with this and provide assistance.
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Let us post here on our efforts.. I will be posting daily here to see how we are doing.

Nox Vidmate VLC

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