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Default Fasting 1 day a week?

hi, I was wondering about this if this is a good idea? My life is very busy I have no time to exercise until mid August. My friend is very fit and he said that he does this fasting for 24 hours every week. I am sure he does more than that to stay fit BUT it got me thinking. The only day i can do fasting is on my first day off which is on Fridays. What are your thoughts on fasting for 24 hours every week? Water is allowed of course. Thank you.
I am looking for pros and cons.
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I believe this is called "intermittant fasting" and there's a thread right here on this forum to support people following this WOE (way of eating.) You should check in there and see what they have to say.
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1 day a week to fast is pretty easy, actually - you can choose to do 24hrs (ie. eat supper at 6pm on Thurs, don't eat again 'till 6pm on Fri) or even a 'full day' fast (ie. eat supper on Thurs, don't eat on Fri, eat Sat morning). Either is a good way to just get in touch with how YOU respond to fasting.

Try it, if it doesn't feel right for you, it's pretty easy to move on to the next idea. I will caution you, if you eat more processed foods, or drink lots of caffeine, it will be harder. But as long as you don't binge the day before you fast, you should be just fine. Enjoy the experimentation!

A couple of resources about intermittent fasting:
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I did that in college and lost 10 pounds my senior year. It worked well for me then. My day was Monday. I normally eat more on the weekends and am not hungry on Monday anyway, so I just started skipping it.

I would drink juice though. One glass at lunch, so it was technically not a total fast. Today they have vitamin waters that weren't available back then so I'd go with one of those. I have to be away from home and BUSY all day to fast. Too busy to think about food.
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what are you hoping it will accomplish?

how much tv do you watch?

can't you exercise on fridays?
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