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Default Graze Snack Boxes

Link at the top for easy access: Graze Snack Boxes

I promise I don't work for them, I just am really impressed by this and I think you guys would appreciate this service as well!

So you guys know those subscription boxes that are all the rage now, where you pay a certain dollar amount per month and a company sends you a box every two weeks, or four weeks, or whatever their system is. Some are for clothes, some are for beauty products, some are for pets. This one is for healthy snacks! It is called Graze.

I ended up trying it because your first box is free and you can cancel your subscription right away if you don't want to put any money out. Hard to pass that up. Here's how it works:

You have two options. 1) Nibble Box or 2) Calorie Counting box (I chose this one). It's $6 per box which includes shipping. You can either choose to have a box every 2 weeks or a box every 4 weeks. So: one box a month or two, $6 a month or $12. At 4 snacks per box, that brings it out to be about $1.50 per individual snack. Okay, so those are the logistics.

To decide what goes into your box, you go on their website and rate each snack:

Trash = I don't ever want to try it. Gross.
Try = Alright, let me test this one.
Like = That looks pretty good, but I can't say I would want it ALL the time.

Based on your ratings, the expert elves at the Graze workshop pick out 4 random snacks for you to try. They go into the mail, into your mailbox, then into your tummy. It's really simple and, if you ask me, a tireless way to get some delicious and healthy snacks.

My snacks (top left to bottom right, calorie counts below):
1. Salsa Fresca - Cilantro and lime salsa with cheesy sombreros
2. Tomato & Basil Pizza - Basil crunshini, cheese cashews, mini tomato breadsticks
3. Coco Paradise - Belgian milk chocolate, coconut and cranberries
4. Mississippi BBQ Pistachios - Smoked BBQ pistachios

Every snack box comes with a complete nutritional info card listing the facts for the four snacks that were picked for your box. I was REALLY impressed by the nutritional info. One of the snacks I ended up with was the Salsa Fresca, which is cilantro and lime salsa with cheesy "sombreros"
(sounds good, doesn't it?). 50 calories and 140g of sodium! Yay!

So there's my whole thing. Obviously you're paying a premium for the convenience, but I consider it my healthy reward to myself. for $12 a month I could be buying chips and cookies, but instead...I'm also seriously lazy!

If you're interested in trying it, like I said just cancel after you get the first box. It's not hard, you literally just go onto the website and click on the option to not get another box. No tricks! Oh, and if you do decide to continue with it, 5th box is free as well! Woo!

Here's the link again if you actually made it through this whole post: Graze Snack Boxes

Thanks for reading!

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Not a bad idea, especially for folks on the go a lot who are trying to watch their weight. Some of those snack foods do sound good, I must admit. Very impressive that they give the nutritional value, too.

I'll just bet, though, for the thrifty person, they could make their own of these snacks and keep them with them when on the road a lot. Great idea, but it could get costly for some. Enjoy them- nice that you found a healthy alternative to chips and other not so good foods to snack on. It's nice to indulge in something convenient once in awhile.

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Default Tradeoff

I do the same thing on my own. I make up emergency packs so that when I get hungry, I get to eat my favorite things instead of stopping randomly for junk food.

I does take time to make up an emergency food pack and you have to re-stock it. So it's a tradeoff - time vs convenience.
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