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Default Getting a scale??

Hi all,

I've never owned a scale. My mom had one growing up, and it haunted her (she was ALWAYS on a diet). I've always just used the scale at the gym, and I previously went there so often that I was checking my weight at least three times/week. Now, I'm not going to the gym as often, and have gain weight...I avoid the scale when I do go there.

I haven't weighed for some time, and am afraid that if I do weigh, I will feel hopeless and like I can't get back to my previous size. However, I do feel that when I did weigh compulsively, I was always thinking about that number when I ate. I knew it would go up if I ate too much or didn't exercise enough.

I'm torn as to wether I should get a home scale to measure my progress, now that I'm trying to start to lose weight again....but I'm scared. Do you all weigh often or just go by how things fit?
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I think you should use a tape measure honestly.

The scale used to dictate my life and how I'd feel the whole day if it wasn't what I wanted. It sucked. I think those things hold too much power over people, it doesn't factor in things like muscle, water weight, waste. So you never know if you're getting fatter or if you are simply bloated. Or you do, but it doesn't keep you from feeling shitty about yourself. I remember when my ED was in full swing and I had a complete meltdown over a 0.2lb gain after I only had 100 calories the previous day.

Also, keep going to the gym! I felt discouraged when I gained all that weight but seeing my strength gains from lifting and the muscle definition beginning to show makes it all worth it. I always advise women to hit up heavy weights over cardio any day.
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I just got a scale not too long ago. I needed to see that number. Needed to be able to jump on a scale several times at home to see just how fat I am. Before I got my scale, the only time I ever saw how much I weighed was when I went to the doctor. Then I would get sad, go home, act like the visit to the doctor didn't happen and eat.

I really think that having a scale at home, for me, is one of the best things ever. I say that because that number that I saw on it (265 pounds) made me get angry with myself enough to finally want to do something about it for the first time in my life.
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I weigh myself every morning, it's part of my routine, I try to do it around the same time and in the same part of my routine.

I only compare week to week, I recently started a weight chart on lily slim, the fluctuations day to day could drive you crazy!

That being said, if you think having a scale might be unhealthy for you, then don't get one, try to get back to going to the gym more often and eventually you'll feel comfortable weighing there again.

It's all about finding what works for you, your successful program will be as unique as you are.

Best to you
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For me personally, throwing out my scale was a horrible idea. I used to weigh myself every morning (and yes, i was obsessed with a certain number) . I was always gaining and losing the same five pounds. One day about ten years ago, I decided this was making me nuts, so I tossed the scale and just decided to forget all this fitness stuff I was doing because it didn't seem to be doing me any good.

Then I started gaining weight and getting a bigger size every summer. I had fooled myself into thinking it wasn't noticeable. When sz2Xgot tight, I decided I'd had enough. I was scared of getting on the scales again because what if I weighed 200 lbs? ( more than when I was pregnant) I really had no clue. Imagine my shock, when I discovered that I weighed 251! I wish I could go back in time, put a foot in my own backside and tell myself NOT to do what I did! It's been four months, and I'm just now down to the weight that I was afraid of seeing in the first place!

Just weigh yourself once a week. If you gain 5 lbs, cut back and exercise a little extra but don't make yourself crazy. You don't have to look like a runway model to be healthy and beautiful. I wish I'd realized this ten years ago!
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