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Default After trying everything else...

do you think this will work?
I love fruit, and when I was raw I drank a mess load of Green Smoothies, so I'm thinking Green Smoothie for breakfast, brothy vegetable soup for lunch, and a heartier but healthy soup for dinner with a simple salad or veggies on the side. I also want to incorporate sweet potatoes some nights too.
I'm going to work between 1300-1400 cals a day, restrict carbs that come from processed foods, and work on exercising for fitness.
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It sounds like you are committed to eating healthy - that's great!

I would suggest limiting fruits as they are so high in carbs/sugar, except for berries, which are generally better for us. Go for high protein soups such as multi bean soups, to which you can add diced tomatoes, a little corn, salsa, onions - or a soup made of mixed vegetables you can get in the frozen food section and just add some diced chicken breast for protein.

It's also fun to add berries to a mixed green salad for a burst of flavor!

good luck!
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Where is the protein and healthy fats?

A healthy lifestyle is a balanced one that gives your body the nutrition it needs to be healthy.

I think you will find that living on smoothies, soup and salad, is a lifestyle you will not be able to maintain long term.

A balanced mix of lean protein, veggies and fruit, some good fats such as olive oil and avacados, etc. will be much healthier and make a much happier you.

I have discovered several things about myself after many attempts and failures at loss and maintaining loss.

One! I cannot deny myself the foods I love, I only eat them rarely, but I do enjoy them when I do.

The rest of the time, I need to eat good lean protein, lots of veggies and fruit and toss in a baked tater now and then and work out!

You can also find healthier ways to cook your favorite foods. I nuke a tater in the oven, and then slice it up, spritz with Pam and broil, voila! French fries! Healthy version!
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Start the days with 2-3 eggs.

Each egg is less than 80 calories and has over 6g of protein (which will help you feel full over time)

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My experience taught me that a breakfast containing at least 100 g of quick carbs [banana/dates smoothie] turns the body into a fat burning machine, getting rid of the stored fat like there's no tomorrow. Eggs are a common breakfast in UK, so I'm wondering why it's the fattest country in Europe.

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I think your idea of a lot of fresh fruits and veggies is great... that is mostly what I do (and yes, I do eat a lot of fruit). But I also add (and recommend) things such as eggs, cottage cheese, tuna, etc. But that is just my preference; your plan sounds very good. Good idea to check with your doctor, too, on a regular basis, and take any health issues you might have into consideration.
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