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Default The Eat-Clean Diet

I'm pretty new to 3FC but have posted a bit in the past week and seem that I keep talking about the program that worked for me.
I've posted my story in the Success Thread, I've lost weight by following the simple principles of the Eat-Clean Diet (by Tosca Reno).

Basically, you eat 5-6 smaller meals everyday, but you eat 'clean' foods (unprocessed foods that should be in their natural state). I've said that I don't buy anything if I can't pronounce the ingredients on the label! the way I tell my friends is, I walk the perimeter of the grocery store and get my fresh produce, then dairy and then my fresh poultry, meat, and fish. When you think about it, what's in the middle aisles? It's a lot of pre-packaged, canned stuff that's probably not natural (there are some exceptions). But I never go shopping without a list and stick to fresh foods that I explore a lot of different recipes with! It's amazing what recipes I've found because I love exploring new foods. My favorites right now are Middle Eastern and South Asian Dishes: different curries, bahmi (an Indonesian noodle dish), and Nasi Goreng (a rice dish with veggies & meat)...most of which I've recently discovered while starting to maintain my weight in the Eat-Clean Cookbooks.

I definitely recommend what worked so well for me. Has anyone else tried this or is thinking of starting to eat clean? I have some great tips if anyone is looking for help!
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I would love to hear more from you. Which recipe books/websites do you refer?
And how do you avoid temptations of processed food?
I generally avoid eating processed food and eat natural healthy food (almost 80% of time). The problem arises when I fall for processed food for a bit. I just go downhill after that, I know these processed food have been made such that we would want them more after having them.
I love eating natural foods but sadly I love eating processed food too. I try to avoid it as best as I can, hope I will do better with time.
I would love to know any new healthy clean food you have discovered in your journey. I came to know about steel cut oats and tried it, and will never go back to processed Quaker oats ever again, steel cut oats are so good. My other search was Quinoa - very healthy and tastes good too.

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Hi healthyliving! Glad I can pass on some of what I've learned!
I have most of the books in the Eat-Clean Diet series. Personally, my favs are The Eat-Clean Diet (I have the Expanded Edition-the 2nd edition but there's a third coming out in I think late December), The Eat-Clean Diet Workout which gives great tips on how to workout properly, and the cookbook I love is fairly new, it's called Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook and has some amazing recipes for preparing unprocessed foods, there's still recipes with brown rice, noodles, bread pudding, etc. so you're not losing carbs all together, just the bad ones!

To be honest, it was fun in the beginning, I made it more like a dare or a contest for myself than a diet plan. I Reward myself with something other than food when I reached a small goal; a pedicure, a new book (usually a new ECD book!), new clothes, etc. I would come home from work and go right into the kitchen knowing exactly what I was going to cook b/c I was always prepared (I made a plan for the week ahead every Sat or Sun and then went shopping only for those items.
I also spent a lot of time on the forum at I'm still there, it's an amazing forum as well, I just thought I'd join here as well!

I wish I could tell you it was easy to give up all processed foods, because of course it wasn't! But after staying to the program for I while, I would eat something processed and I would have a stomach ache! So knowing how bad I would fail if I strayed and ate something 'unclean' made it a bit easier to stay away from the bad/processed stuff!
Steel cut oats are great, I have them probably 2-3 times a week. And I'm just now getting in Quinoa believe it or not (there's a lot of recipes that use in the new cookbook), I also really enjoy Couscous and I make Yogurt cheese every week for the week ahead (it's great w/ the oats!) And I'm also using coconut oil or butter in cooking instead of other oils/butters, it's a great alternative and use agave nectar or maple syrup (I'm definitely Canadian!) instead of sugars and other sweeteners.

It's basic enough to follow if you have the tools and read up on what's considered clean vs. unclean foods.
Good luck and please message me if you have any questions!
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It is very much understood by people these days that they need to stay fit for living a healthy life and also to enjoy their live if they are fit. I would like to also add that having some dried fruits and nuts of various varieties that are available in the market, they are rich source of fibers and nutrition and also are good for your health according to me, i would like to know whether my advice is right or can further visit

Kate Johnson

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Hi Kate! Dried fruits and nuts are definitely clean foods. As long as there's no additional salt added. Your best nuts and seeds are: Flaxseed, cashews, almonds, and sunflower seeds. Of course, we all have to consider portion control because nuts have fat (mostly good fats) so going overboard would still be a bad thing!
And dried fruits are great too, as long as they again don't have extra salt or preservatives added. I love adding them to salads or a breakfast dish like oatmeal. The best ones (according to The Eat-Clean Diet) are: raisins, dried apples, apricots, cranberries, cherries, prunes, figs, and dates.

Hope that helps!
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Join us in the Whole Foods forum
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Hi there, I was wondering, healthygal, if you had any hints or tips on getting started with making the switch to a clean eating lifestyle? I had several of Tosca's books shipped in today, however the diet book itself has been delayed for several weeks...LOL Any input would be great, Thank you!
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very interesting !! I eat almost only the exact same.. salads, meat, dairy..(milk in particular) and egggsss lol oh ya and a lot of waterrr
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Wow, I eat exactly like this eat clean diet, but never read it. I would love to read it though. I lost weight doing this too. I've been doing it for 14 mo. now and I love it. I can't stand processed foods, they make me feel sluggish and don't agree with my stomach anymore. I feel so energetic now and have had no problem cutting out the crappy stuff. I don't eat red meat or eggs though, but i do eat some chicken and alot of fish, veggies and fresh fruit. Nothing canned or packaged. It really works and usually weight just falls off when I'm not even trying. I have to add more calories so I don't get too thin, I'm about 5lbs. from underweight right now.
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wow--no need to purchase any books--I have been doing this for over a year now--whole foods all the way--just GOOGLE "whole foods recipes" and a ton will pop up...more than you could ever read, let alone cook!
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Hey Wannabenurse, your diet book might be delayed depending on which volume you ordered. There's a new Eat-Clean Diet book coming out at the end of December, I think it's called the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged. If you ordered that version that may be why it's delayed (I've pre-ordered my copy as well!)
Since you have the cookbooks, read over the types of foods that are recommended. It's very close to following a whole foods diet as a few others have mentioned. All the foods are natural and not processed, none of the recipes in the books you'll find use white flour or any refined ingredients. That's where I would start. As well, follow the workout suggestions in the workout book since you have that. I don't suggest starting cold turkey so maybe it's good that you'll ease your way into it before you get the actual book! But once you'll start eating clean, you'll notice you don't even want sweets anymore (the only thing I still crave--my biggest weakness-- is ice cream so I'll treat myself with a scoop of frozen yogurt or soy gelato once in a while!) because after eating so well as fruitlady says, you'll feel sluggish and you may actually get sick if you're eating clean and then you eat something bad your body's not used to.

Hope that helps, and please let me know if you have ANY other questions!
Good luck!
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So glad I found this thread. I will definetely have to search the Whole Foods area. Hubby and I have agreed to go "clean" with eating. We are starting on Monday - currently at my parents house for the holiday until then. I have briefly heard about Tosca before but as I said, very briefly. I will certainly have to look into her books. I tend to get very bored with the same foods, pretty quickly. So, if any of you clean eaters have any particular whole food recipe websites that you absolutely love, I would very much appreciate a link for us newbies. The recipe world can be quite daunting at times. So many choices and so few are good.
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I have read Tosca's Eat Clean Diet Recharged and although I understand the plan pretty well, I do have a few questions you may be able to help me with.

Cooler Plans (specifically #2)

The plan states you should have 2-4 servings of starchy complex carbs/day. However several of the daily meal plans include more. Day 5 for example looks like it has 5 or possibly 6 servings. Why is that?

Book Recipes

I do see where the recipe yield is given as well as the serving size which is great. But how do you calculate these recipes into your meal plan? Being you do not count calories or grams of carbs and protein on the ECD, how do you fit a recipe with different types of carbs and proteins into your daily count? (like a soup or say a casserole with cheese, beans, meat, potatoes, etc.) Do you just eat the stated serving size for one of your meals and consider your protein/carb requirement satisfied?

Alot of recipes are simple to figure out (for example one that pretty much only has fish and veggies), it's the mixed ingredient dishes that are confusing.

Thanks for your help!
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