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Default Xmas Lunch at Work

I am looking for ideas and suggestions for my work's Christmas lunch. We have about 20 people here, but only 3 women, so I doubt a potluck would be the way to go. Any ideas ladies? Thanks!



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Funny, we have the exact opposite at my work, only 2 men and 18 women. We actually are going to plan a potluck, but in the years past we've done a catered lunch or just all taken a long lunch and gone to a nearby restaurant that can handle 20 people. That way everyone can get what they actually want and no worry about the funky item on the buffet or how long it's been sitting out.
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The guys may suprise you. I used to work with a lot of guys and I was the only female. We did a potluck of about 20 guys and me. It was awesome. I would definitely ask them if they have any recipes that they like and that the'd be willing to share/make if you did a potluck.
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Sometimes my DH has to take stuff for a potluck. One year he was in charge of the gravy for a Thanksgiving potluck. He bought 6 jars of gravy....yuck! I am kind of a picky cook and could not believe a dime of our family's money went toward jarred gravy.

But it was easy for me!

Maybe have a sign up sheet for veggie and fruit trays, cold cuts, types of breads and cheeses. The more enterprising folks can bring a type or two of soup. And then people can pick and choose and load up on relatively healthy foods.
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I agree with midwife. Make a list of all the things you'd want. The men could always buy salads, fruits, cupcakes, bread, pizza, cups, plates, soda etc...and the 2 women could get 2 entrees of their choice. And if 1-2 men wouldnt mind cooking at home...that would be just perfect!

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I've found when we did our potlucks, that the guys heavily used crockpots to cook their dishes. Some would cook chili, others would bring in soups and some guys even brought in vegetable dishes they made. I also used to work with a guy that made the best fudge ever. Of course you can have the guys that have no interest in cooking themselves and their wives may make things but some of the better known cooks in the world are men. I find that quite a few men like to cook "sometimes" but they tend not to like it every day.
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For our potlucks at work I always either sign up to bring either a salad or a fruit salad so I know that there will be something that I can eat.
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