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Default Is Britney FINALLY kFED-UP??!!!

So, has Britney finally dumped the leech? Does anyone care??? Thoughts?????
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I care, only because if they're divorced maybe he'll finally just go away and I won't have to read about him anymore!
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The divorce papers can be seen on

Good for her.
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Good riddance. Hopefully he will just fade away.
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plucky clucky
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I got goosebumps when I heard this. I am so glad she is finally getting rid of him. Her brain must have reconnected.
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I don't really care but I am glad for her. He has always been such a loser, riding on her popularity skirt tail... I agree with you guys.. I hope he just fades away, which I'm sure he will because the only time he was ever talked about was when it had to do with Brittney.
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so close, yet so far...
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Never thought I'd find myself responding to a question about Britney Spears but here goes... I think she up and got married in the messy way that she did for publicity reasons. Babies? Same reason. Divorce? Same reason. I really am truly sorry for the innocent victims in all of this--her kids and the other 2 K-fed had w/his ex. I just hope to God she doesn't seriously think about adopting a trophy baby (ala Madonna or Angelina) just because it's the newest celebrity arm accessory.

I'm sure I'll get flak for saying this but hey, this is America and it's my 2 cents.
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I think they are both a fine example of what happens when white trash is handed too much money. I know Britney 'earned' it, but she's still white trash, IMHO, and the creator of her own misery.
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If only I could hold Britney through this tough time I just know I could bring a smile to face
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Here we go again...
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I'm glad the loser's gone if only so I can save myself the misery of seeing his ugly face everywhere. He looks like a weasel and apparently, that's what he is.

She's lost all her baby weight and is back to looking fab. I agree with the poster above that she did this for publicity reasons. This puts her in the perfect position to launch her new CD (if it comes out) as her "I've just left my husband, buy my album!" thing. You know how guys like her because she's single (with kids...)? I think that's what she's trying to play on now.

In any case, I'm glad he's gone. I am only interested in how nasty this gets. Apparently, the pre-nup is pretty airtight unless he fights for custody. Which he won't get because he's a bonafide loser.
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S/C/G: Countdown to goal!

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So, Britney met kFed, got kFedUP, and now he is kFED-EX!!!
Love it!!!
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EZmoney, very funny! And yes, melekalikimaka, that avator is hysterical!!!!

I'm not a fan of Britney (or, as my best friend calls her, Titney Spears), but I'm glad she rubbed her few brain cells together and ditched the loser.
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