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Default Make up

Now that I am losing weight, I care a bit more about my face, now that I am not trying to hide myself away in a corner. I have developed a taste for nice lip gloss (Too Faced is a favourite) and Urban Decay eye shadow.

What are your favourite make ups, and do you have any secret tips to looking fabulous???
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My "secret" is what's under the make-up. I'm a big fan of alpha hydroxy acids because they keep my skin smooth and soft without causing it to break out. The one I use is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion with sunscreen.

As for make-up, I'm thrilled to say that I've finally found a mascara I can wear without eye irritation. It's also Neutrogena brand, and it's called "Clean Lash Tint". Before that, the last time I could find a mascara that didn't bother my eyes was about fifteen years ago when I lived in Europe. It was a brand that's not available in the US called "Optique".

My favorite lipstick, believe it or not, is a cheap brand called Jordana that's only 99 cents a tube. It covers as well and lasts as long as any pricey brand I've ever tried (in fact, better than most), and if it turns out the color doesn't suit me after all, I haven't wasted a small fortune.
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I use bare minerals...I love their makeup I can't even tell I'm wearing it and it has great coverage.
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Ooh, Kylie, you truly are a girl after my own heart!

I love the MAC eye products (their PowerPoint eye liners are fantastic - great texture and incredible colors) because they have a ton of pigment and are in very fashion-forward colors. I also like the Stila lip glosses, although they really do rip you off on the amount of product in the container (pet peeve, but the colors are so nice, and some of them taste HEAVENLY! I'm partial to Pomegranate...).

One small negative consequence from losing so much weight is that my face looks a little droopy and more wrinkly than it once did. I have taken to moisturizing like crazy. It's super pricey, but I *love* Kiehl's Cryste Marine face cream for the winter when my skin is dry. It gives my face a totally smoth texture in a way nothing else does. At this point, I just get samples everytime I go in, but I think they may be onto me... ha!

Also - something I'm trying during the winter months since I'm so freakin' pale is the Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer that's supposed to tint the skin gradually. I'm on only day three, so I can't really see it yet, but if it works I'll give an update.

It's funny - I'm such a tomboy in so many ways, but I do love my girlie amenities!
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I'm also a AHA user. Love the stuff! I use Paula's Choice mostly. As far as make-up, my "new" favorites are Lorac blush in Desire, Viva Glam V lipglass by MAC, Morganite Illuminating powder by Models Prefer and Blanc Universel Sheer Illuminator by Chanel. Oh, and I LOVE my stippling (or skunk) brush by MAC - soooo wonderful for applying and blending blush. No skidmarks.
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I love Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer - I got it at Ulta about a month ago and plan to never be without it again.

It conceals and evens out your skin tone with the tiniest little dab and it covers every little dark spot and just makes my skin look much better.
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Hi everyone!! I love MaryKay!! I have found that it's what make my skin look the best and the colors are great!!! I have been using thier TimeWise lise for about a year now and people ask me all the time what I'm using because my skin looks very healthy!!
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Sometimes I'll go into a phase, where I'll attempt to wear makeup, although it does no good on me. I still struggle with acne outbreaks from time to time, although not as much as when I was younger. So I don't like to wear concealer, simply because it makes me look, I can never find the right color! Occasionally, I'll wear eyeshadow, but usually only two colors...either pink or blue. I never wear lipstick/gloss. I stick to my mascara. I get Maybelline XXL lashes or something...has the white stuff you put on your lashes before the actual mascara. Makes your eyes POP! I have naturally long, curly lashes, and this just helps accentuate them even more. Perhaps when I start to lose more weight, I'll feel like looking right now, it feels like a lost cause almost.
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icmethinner: thanks for the tip, I just bought a tube at fourty bucks I hope it REALLY works LOL. Been looking for some good concealer for a loooong time!

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My favorite makeup is Lancome for powder, and MAC for eyeshadow and blush, and Chanel for lip gloss, so i am all across the board, but i do love makeup
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Clinique is probably my favourite brand for foundation and powder. I love Urban Decay lip glosses, they have a lip gunk I bought years ago in a real deep red that is awesome. Bad Gal by Benefit eyeliner is great, very dark kohl that blends perfectly. I haven't found great eyeshadow yet, I tend to stick with Rimmel. I've heard Bobby Brown have good eye products. I'm also on the lookout for mascara that a) does not clump and b) will not irritate my eyes! I'm having very sensitive eyes lately and my usual Revlon is making them worse .
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I love Elizabeth Arden's flawless finish. It is a cream/powder base that is applied with a sponge. You can dampen the sponge for lighter coverage. It combines the base with the powder without looking powdery plus it provides excellent coverage--no concealer needed.

I also love any FREE makeup from estee lauder, clinique, ultima, etc.....
I love catching those "free with purchases" deals! You get to try out several different products and colors for free!
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