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Default OH no :(

It's 5:45 am.. woke up about 20 mins ago with the baby and i can barely swallow.. i felt fine yesterday and now i'm sick.. GUUUUUUUUUUUH. I was going to hit the gym again today but now i can't because i'm sick *sniffles*

I have to take the baby to the dr for his 2 month immunizations today so i'm going to call this morning and see if i can have the dr check my throat too,..

I cannot afford to be sick.. i have 2 kids and a household to look after.. not to mention hittin the gym to get all sexy.. lol.

bleh, i'm just frustrated this morning.. what am i suppose to have for breakfast that won't kill my throat?
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Oh no! There have been so many bugs going around this year, more than I remember in the past. I hope whatever you have goes away quickly Drink lots of hot green tea! My favorite is Coco Mint Green tea from Adagio. It's very soothing when I'm sick, but also good the rest of the time. A bowl of hot oatmeal may also feel good going down.

Btw, I like what you have in your signature - paying yourself for your hard work to save up for a new wardrobe. Good luck!
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