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I call it pop and I drink "Diet Coke" or "Diet Rite."

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geeky pagan chick
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I call it soda usually, but I use both interchangeably. I don’t drink it very often, but if I do it’s usually coke or a good rootbeer. Our local brewpub makes their own rootbeer which I like quite a bit.
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Collie Mommie
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I call it soda [my father-in-law is "Pop"].
I love Coke Zero, Diet Cherry Coke, and Pepsi One.
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I call it Coke. Doesn't matter what it is (Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7-UP, etc.),
it's all called Coke. I'm in Tennessee and everyone I know calls it Coke.
My favorite is Dr. Pepper and 7-Up when I'm sick.
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I was raised in CA where it was always reffered to as "soda", so that's what I still call it. But when I moved here to Arkansas I quickly learned that any soda is called a "coke". As in, hey could you grab me a coke? Sure, what kind? Uh... coke?? Huh??!

I mostly drink water and coffee but I've discovered that I absolutely love the new Coke Zero! YUM! I'm also known to drink diet Sunkist and diet root beer on occasion as well.

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I call it soda. Since November 29th I have been drinking Fruit 2 0 but occassionally I will have a diet coke or Diet Sunkist.
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Addicted to potato salad!
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I've noticed a trend in the people in Ohio calling it POP! I grew up in Western New York and we called it Pop there, too. But I moved to Northern New York and married a man from California and between the two forces, it's now soda. I actually feel silly calling it Pop now. And my mom picks on me when I say soda and when she hands me one, she says, "Here's your ssoooodaaaa...." And I'm like, "yeah...whateverrrrrr..." Even at 40 years old, my mom still can bring out my inner teenager!!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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SODA.... I like most flavors from Diet Rite, Diet Hansens or Fresca (just came out with Black Cherry flavor... )
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I live in Arkansas. It's all coke here.

e.g.: Person A: "Want a coke?"
Person B: "Yup."
Person A: "What kind?"
Person B: "Got any Mt. Dew/Pepsi/Dr. Pepper/etc.?"

My dad calls it sodey-water.
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A Turtle loser
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Hmmm I grew up in New mexico and we called it cola like got any co-cola.....must be from all those texcans who would visit the state.....but my husband uses the phrase soda pop
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We grew up in California always saying coke or soda....I drink Barqs' rootbeer usually.
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I grew up calling it pop, but picked up soda when I started college and was around more people from the west...I mainly drink diet coke but also like a regular pepsi every once in a while.
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We call it coke here, too! Caff, Free Diet Dr Pepper!!

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I'm bringin' SEXY back!!!
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We call it soda. I've stopped drinking it but if I am to drink it it would be diet pepsi or coke.
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It's "coke" here no matter what kind or brand. I am a "coke-aholic" one of the throwbacks to being a latch-key kid. I still have coke & potato chip breakfasts more often than I should. I have tried the diet coke with lime and the diet cherry coke and I like both. I also like diet sprite. I am trying to give up my coke habit and switch to water. I have found that drinking the diet stuff only makes me crave the real stuff. I do really good somedays. I am just going to have to quit it all cold turkey and deal with the headaches.
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