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Like someone else said, I have quite a bit of these. It's not like I'm an angry person, but when your mind wanders..... probably my biggest one is one that I am also guilty of on occasion: When we say that we are on diets, medications, plans ect, instead of taking medications, doing a diet plan..."on" has become one of those very versatile words. I do it, too. But I don't know why...

There's stuff that annoys me but I try to think about the person ( if it's something they do that I find irritating) and either realize that it's not that annoying, and it could just be the mood I'm in, or why they do it..maybe they have a reason, or it's something they can't control...

One that sounds ultra petty, but when someone clucks thier tongue before every sentence/beginning of a phrase, You ask "Do you have any kids?", they reply "(cluck) I have a boy who is four and a little girl who is 9."...

I'm sure I could think of more, but a lot of them have already been covered by, I feel so shallow right now,but well...that's okay I guess.
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Embracing My New Normal
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Native English speakers who have decided that "uh" is a legitimate word, especially when they use it to start nearly every sentence. I can understand people for whom English is a foreign language, but if you were born into English, I don't really see any excuse. Drop the "uh", people! You *can* start a sentence without it.

Bent-over pages in a book.

Underlined bits (or highlighted bits or scribbles in the margins) in a book.

This one is just plain nasty... "drips" on the "seat"... if you get my drift...

And to go along with that, people who don't wash their hands after visiting the bathroom.

Bad breath people who insist on being close talkers.

People who stick their fingers in whatever they're cooking, then lick them. Using a spoon for a taste is ok, but PLEASE use a clean spoon and put it in the dishwasher afterwards. Don't continue cooking with it!

Cell phone shouters. I do not want to hear your converstion. Take it outside.

Drivers who consider road markings to be mere suggestions.

Distracted drivers, for whatever reason. They're a menace. When you're driving a car, your first and most important responsibility is... driving the car!

Chronic, non-excuseable lateness. It's just rude.

I have a bunch of grammar peeves. Its and it's. Their, there and they're. Loose and lose. Me and him. Need I go on?

Oh, my, I sound very persnickety, don't I?
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when my husband drinks coffee!!! Which is like 10 times a day. He SLUUUURRRPPPSSSS as loud as he can EVERY time he takes a drink. I'd like to strangle him when he does this.
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1. Being late
2. People who drive the wrong way down a parking lot row
3. Bad Grammar and spelling
4. When the word 'like' comes out of a teenager's/young adult's mouth every 3 seconds.
5. People who are oblivious to everyone else (not inconsiderate on purpose)
6. Waiting in line at banks, car dealerships, grocery stores, etc...
7. Grocery stores that only have 1 check out lane open
8. When my grocery store runs out of my standard products

I think i'll have to come back and add more to/edit my seems some have slipped my mind...

9. forgetting what I'm wanting to say and do
10. Making a list and forgetting it (like for the grocery store)
11. Wasting food - not eating leftovers...(not clean plate club, but I like leftovers...)
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People who wear pajamas in public...or rollers in their hair.
People who smoke.
People who stink.
People who eat with their mouth's open.
People who interrupt.
Bad drivers.
People who lie.
Older people who don't dress their I need to see your belly button ring?
People who swear in public.
Parent's who yell at their kids in the stores.
Parent's who take babies to the movies

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I'm gonna do it!!!!
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Neighbors who throw trash in your yard and use your outside trashcan as if it were their own.
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I'm gonna do it!!!!
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Walmart at 7pm withonly 5 of their 30 or so registers open.
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On the grammar issue, a newpaper here ran the headline, "PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWORD" but messed up the spacing between "pen" and "is". It's occasionally funny but always annoying.

People who never seem to have money for whatever reason and expect you to pick up the tab- after they've ordered.

The parents of most children, sadly. It is safety issue when your little darling is running around unattended. Yes, I am saying that I BLAME PARENTS FOR THEIR CHILDREN'S BAD BEHAVIOR. Somehow, this makes me a bad person which I find even more annoying. I WILL swear in public. Don't be surprised when your precious darling returns to you with a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. You think it's cute when they run all over unattended and I think it's cute when they use the "F" word before they can complete a sentence and loudly order a shot and a beer at brunch. Shall we agree to disagree?

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People who whistle, I can't stand listening to people whistle. Don't know why just can't stand it.

I work in retail and I ***HATE*** people who phone shop. They ask questions like, what size coffee tables to you have, what color, what shape ect.... or I actually had one guy call me on the day after thanksgiving when I was working a register in electronics and want me to go into complete detail on the specifics of all of our camcorders!!! I told him I have had a line of people since 6am and I didn't have time for this, come into the store a look!! I don't know what you are looking for so don't call and ask me to find it over the phone!!!

Sorry ladies, but you are infamous for this next pet peeve. As I said before I work in retail and I love it when ladies impulse buy large items and want us to try and cram them into their tiny cars!!! A big screen tv does not fit into a geo metro!!!

People who smoke, it stinks, it looks disgusting, it kills you, turns your fingers teeth and nails yellow, gives you wrinkles and costs an arm and a leg, so why would you choose to smoke?????
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Apostrophes!!! I hate misused apostrophes. An 's is possessive. The letter s on the end of a word is plural. The s' is the plural possessive. If a store has made a huge sign that misuses an apostrophe, I won't shop there--because if they pay so little attention to something that is plainly out there for all to see, what details are they going to drop otherwise?

Actually, grammar as a general rule bugs me. Homonyms (words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings) are hard, yes, but weren't they covered in...6th grade? Contractions...oh, dear. I occasionally just blurt out, "Didn't you watch The Electric Company? Conjunction Junction??"

Actually, The Electric Company has a 'greatest hits' DVD coming out soon, I'll have to get a copy.

As for driving, I can't stand timid drivers. Now, I will grant that I learned to drive in Southern California, and I've driven here for 15 years. Aggressive? Us? I don't actually have a problem with weaving/fast/pushy drivers. As long as they're ahead of me, there's a cop or an accident up ahead that's got their name on it. What I can't stand is drivers who won't merge. You slow down, and they don't slide over. You flash your lights, and they don't slide over. You speed up, and they run out of lane so you either have to dodge (never safe) or slam on your brakes. Ugh! Just MERGE, people! And merge at speed. Don't merge in front of me at 20 miles below the speed limit, and don't merge in front of me and slow down! In MN they post minimum speed limits on their freeways--you have to go at least 40 mph to be on the road. It's scary that someone would need to be told that, but MORE scary are the people who get to the end of the merge lane and STOP to wait for a break in traffic. Keep going and MERGE!!!

Wow, that felt good.

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Slimming down in San Fran
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Cool Pet Peeves? I got some, sure...

Lots of good stuff in here!

My pet peeves... (cracks knuckles and gets typing)

1) Bad grammer. I see this EVERY day in the form of it's/its, their/there/they're, your/you're.

It pops up in school applications, city newspapers, online news (especially Yahoo), all over the Internet, and increasingly in major media.

It drives me BONKERS. Yes, I have issues

Its - proper use indicates ownership - Its color is silver.

It's - short for IT IS - It's going to rain Tuesday.

Their - ownership - Their house is green.

There - location - The rabbit is there under the bush.

They're - short for THEY ARE - They're going to the movies.

Your - ownership - Your slip is showing.

You're - short for YOU ARE - You're coming tonight, right?

2) Neighbors who park in their driveway early in the morning or late at night, with the bass thumping away, and let the car idle for 15+ minutes while they... unload groceries? finish the joint?

3) Neighbors who let their dogs roam free to poop on my lawn.

4) People who talk at length to other people in the room, or their pets, while they are on the phone with someone else. Or... people who play computer games or write emails while talking on the phone.

5) Loud gum chewers in professional places. Actually, loud gum chewing anywhere. I have several coworkers whose gum-cracking can be heard ACROSS THE FLOOR. Can you believe I spent $75 on special inner-ear headphones to block them out? Worth every friggin' penny too.

6) Traffic could take up hours -- people who pull up and up to a red light, and you are trying to make a right turn beside them, and can't see around their behemoth SUV to judge oncoming traffic.. and all others vented here previously on the Car Madness Situation.

7) Women who wear lip-liner that is way darker than their lipstick. This never looks good on anyone, ever. Really.

8) Over-tweased eyebrows. Lack of a mono-brow, sure, I get that, or getting rid of the stray irregulars... but to make the brows look like a doll's that were painted with a single hair paintbrush is NOT a good look.

9) People wearing so much perfume or cologne that I can taste it. Less is more.

10) High-pitched "baby talk", only ok if you are actually speaking to an infant. Not a turn-on when used by a woman. I've felt my skin crawl from this

11) The word "precious" when used in non-jeweler circles. Like "Isn't she preciiiiiouuuuuuus?" when referring to a baby girl, or a kitten, or whatever. Even worse when combined with #10.

Ok, I better stop now, before I pop a blood vessel!
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Originally Posted by LovesBassets
One more.


Deer Ticks, American Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, Western Black-Legged Ticks, Pacific Coast Ticks...
LOL good one! I grew up in Missouri in the country with ticks AND chiggers (ewwwww) all over the place! My friend and I were just talking last night how NICE it is here in the Pacific NW where we have NONE of those things... and no snakes and hardly any other bad critters!!!!!

Two more of mine are #1 lying and #2 poor spelling and grammar, especially in places where they should know better (school billboards, etc.).

Also, people who pour on gallons of perfume! Those of us with allergies are constantly sick from the aroma.

AND people such as my downstairs neighbor who drags her chair out to the very edge of her deck and sits there to smoke... to the nasty stuff blows into MY apartment instead of hers!! How rude!!!

Kate thanks for sharing your photos... wow you look GREAT!!
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I take the chance of being banned from 3FC, but here we go.....

1. Those who stop in the middle of the aisle and give out dirty looks when you attempt to go passed.

2. Screaming, blaring, ear bleedinly loud shreiking children. Especially in a restaurant and no one will do anything about it.

3. Those who feel it is thier place to tell me that I should start having babies before I'm too old ( according to one person, my deadline is 30 ). Same people who will give out thier opinion to strangers ( made comment about me eating a protein bar outside walmart because my blood sugar was in the basement, " You couldn't wait until you got home?"...

4. Women who act like little girls (high pitch baby talk, pouting, pigtails), who are okay with disregarding thier dignity to get what they want.

5. Brand name clothing w/ brand name prices but crappy quality. Just because it says whatever on it, and just because it's expensive, doesn't mean that it's better than a five dollar hane's t shirt.

6. Skirts and pants so low that you have to change your grooming routine to wear them, skirts so tiny that sitting isn't an option...

7. No bras. Nipples are not fashion accessories.

8. Monstrous forms of PDA...I'm glad that you love/like/lust eachother, but I don't need proof.

9. Those who hold the leash in thier hand when they walk thier dog...but the dog isn't attached to the leash. I highly doubt that the dog is going to notify you before it darts after something so you can put the leash on...

10. Chicks at the gym who have perfect hair and makeup ( usually big, pouffy bangs)...who never move beyond a meander so they don't ruin thier hair or their cute sweatsuit with sweat stains..

11. I work in retail: When you ask one patient a question and someone he's with answers. Since this person had a negative experience with a product/ coating, then he doesn't even need to try it for himself. After all, he can't think for himself, can he?

Oh, I"m sure there's more, but my hands are cold and typing is difficult.
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Oh goodness, I'm another one who has plenty of 'em. And plenty of mine will probably tick people off, but here goes.

My number one pet peeve right now is romance writers who set their novel in Texas and OBVIOUSLY haven't done an ounce of research, much less set foot anywhere in the State, and totally fail to grasp the culture/character of the place. Common errors include screwing up the terrain (I'll give you a hint, the State is not all either prairie or desert), 99.9% white towns, and squishing distances. The book I am reading right now (Lone Star Marine for any other romance readers out there) had two giant mistakes in the very first chapter--the heroine was wearing a denim jacket in the summer, and the hero was being treated at "the military medical facility in San Antonio" (there are two MTFs in the city).


People who cannot speak English properly. Let me be very specific about this: people who cannot speak English properly when it is their native language. Time and again I have encountered immigrants with a better grasp of grammar than people who grew up here!

Folks who call crochet knitting. A corrollary to that: folks who call a crochet hook a needle. Needles don't have hooks on the end! Knitting snobs. Debbie Stoller can take a flying leap. Crochet blogs that talk mostly about knitting. Knitting posts on Crochetville's fora. People who think you can do more with knitting than with crochet. Heck, at this point, knitting in general is getting on my nerves. As are people who've never crocheted anything more complicated than a scarf thinking they're masters of the craft. As are scarf patterns. And poncho patterns. And the phrase "Not your grandmother's crochet," which is going to send me to a clock tower with a rifle pretty soon. (Granny never crocheted anything with Fun Fur in her life; she's miles ahead of the rest of us.)

The manga influence on American illustration is also getting to me. Right up there with that irritation is the death of classic animation.

Smokers. This is my most enduring pet peeve. I hate it when people stop right in front of my daughter when she's on a coin operated ride outside of Wal-Mart and light up. I hate it when people cluster around the doorways of buildings and light up so that I have to hold my breath to rush inside. I hate people who drop their cigarette butts whereever, and people who flick ash out their car windows, and people who stick their cigarette out the car window at stoplights so that I am stuck choking on their fumes. I hate it when my neighbors stand outside in the early mornings smoking and talking and the smoke wakes me up.

I hate magnetic flags. Actually, I hate mistreatment of the flag in general. Hate seeing it shredded and faded on a car antenna. Hate seeing it hung up wrong. Hate seeing it up after dark without a light on it (my neighbor has been prone to doing that, and as a sailor he ought to know better). Hate it when it's printed on something meant to be thrown away. It icks me out to throw the flag in the trash, but what else am I supposed to do with a little foil packet that once housed a wet wipe? Oh, and I also really hate flag-print clothing.

Overdressed babies get to me too. When it's eighty degrees out and you're in shorts, what on Earth makes you think Baby needs to be in a sleeper covered with a fleece blanket?

OK, I will stop now.

Oh wait, one more: I loathe the theory that the speed limit is the minimum you should drive.
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Thinking healthy!
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My number one pet peeve is:

Plus size catalogues. Over here in the UK, we get plus size catalogues with slim models wearing the clothes. We're supposed to believe she's plus-sized...what is up with THAT??

I mean, it's blatantly insulting and a visual reaffirmation of society's beliefs that big people shouldn't be seen...or heard for that matter. Sometimes I really wonder why there aren't laws in place to stop things like this...
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