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Sarah: My grandmother had some old braided rugs in the most hideous gray colors and one day I asked her where she got it and she told me my great-grandmother made them from my great-grandfather's old trousers. Yes, they were very resourceful during the depression. I'd like to see if our generations would be as resourceful if we had to go through such struggles, but I think most of us would just curl up and croak. My mom told me she even had to save every single strand of tinsel on the Christmas tree from year to year because it was too expensive to buy new every year. Like, if that were the case for me, I would just skip tinsel!!
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I understand completely, my parents grew up during the depression. I go through my Mom's cabinets when I visit and sneak some stuff out to the trash-she washes and reuses everything! Alummum foil-not the pans, the actual foil, all disposable dishes-"it's perfectly good, we can get several more uses out of it before I need to throw it away", ziplock bags and plasticware. "Mom, do you really need a gallon bag of sporks?", the butter and icecream containers come raining down on your head out of the cabinets if you open a door wrong.

My aunt talked about re-using yarn (actually un-knitting it) from a bed spread to crochet sweaters when her children were younger because they didn't have money for clothes. I understand that. It's a sad reality for many.

My uncle is in his 80's and he's taking the making quilts from old clothes to heart. People actually drop off bags of old clothes and he cuts them into squares and randomly pieces them together. They are the ugliest things you have ever seen and heavy! OMG, He uses everything from polyester to lacey slips in the same quilt. It's funny and I'll treasure the monstrosty because he made it.

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1) Manipulative people

2) People who are rude to others

3) Drivers who turn left on red and/or go WAY out into the middle of the intersection as they wait to turn

4) Thin people who constantly talk about how FAT they are

5) People who enjoy hurting other people's feelings
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Sarah and Techwife,

I was constantly nodding in agreement to your posts. My grandmother grew up during the depression and did the same things. I remember seeing ziplock or sandwich baggies hung upside down by the sink after she washed them.

I even remember a point in time where she would even go through our garbage when she came over to see if she could use anything. It disturbed my mom and she asked her to please stop. She did.

After my grandmother passed away, my mom and my aunt went through everything and found lots of things she horded. She always saved things and said, "you never know".

I think our generation has no clue about what they went through, the things they saw and did, so we are quick to judge them and get frustrated with them. I know my mom did. As a kid I would not understand it, but figured she was my grandma and she must have a good reason and I loved her regardless.

Anyways. I think this is the most "disposable" generation where we throw everything away and don't even think about reusing or recycling. (not ALL, I know some do) Its just "easier" to throw it away and fill up the landfills.

I could even hear my grandmother's voice while I throw away my foodsaver bags after they have been used. I could hear her saying, "you can wash those out and resuse them, that is wasteful". I try to reuse them if they have only had bread or something non messy, but with meat or something we throw them out because of sanitation.

Well stepping off my now. lol.
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i have some i hate that have been posted.
i hate people who lie all the time, who are ungrateful, who are disloyal.
i also really hate people who don't wash their hands after doing something
that should automatically dictate a signal in their head that they should.
i hate people who don't listen.
also having to repeat myself almost every sentence repeated when talking to someone cause they really can't listen and therefore can't understand. get ur freakin hearing checked. Sorry.
Hate people who are dillussional, don't judge themselves first fairly (seriously some are blind), and who act like kids instead of plain growing up.
Last I hate people who need to start fights and conflict just cause they like it.
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I hate gray socks! Seeing anyone wear gray socks makes me cringe.

I absolutely cringe when my husband is naked with socks on (I won't do it, socks come off first - it just looks weird). not to be gross or anything, but it is a HUGE pet peeve (and not just with my husband, its the thought of anyone naked with socks on). Yes, naked and gray socks is REALLY HORRIBLE!

Next would be people who assume I'm stupid because of a) my size, or b) my quietness. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I'm dumb. And just because I don't always speak out doesn't mean I'm dumb. Actually my nursing class thought I had the lowest GPA of everyone, when I actually have the highest - I am the largest and the quietest person in my class.

People who assume ANYTHING about me.

People insisting that I want/need to do something after I have already said NO! (my grandma does this alot, actually LOL)
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