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Question A Q about scales...Please help!....

I didn't know where to post this!

I'm looking for a good/accurate/trustworthy scale so I can see that giving up my Dr. Pepper was worth it ...... but all I can find locally are ones that maybe go up to 300.

ANY help is greatly appreciated! *HUGS*

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It's going to be pretty tough to find a home scale that goes much over 300 and is accurate. Is there nowhere you can go to check in once a week or so and get's office, maybe.
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I *think* the WW scale goes up to 300 pounds, I'm not for sure though. It seems to be pretty accurate so far.

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I too am having an issue with scales.

I have my old trust analog one which some people have said is more accurate than my digital one (I WISH....would make me 4 lbs lighter). I also have a digital one. Neither seems to be very reliable since at times I can step on both several times ang get widely varying weights each time. And my digital one is supposed to do ounces too, but I can do something like urinate (which should drop you by 4 oz) and the number sdoesn't budge. Ultimately I got the digital one because it does a mini body fat analysis (I dunno that it is terribly accurate, but it gives me a place to start) I use that one.

I found one scale at WAL-MART that goes up to 350 lbs accurately, but it was $99. I noticed it because it had a nice big read out on it. Plus, my husband is a large guy (a little over weight, but mostly just a HUGE build...6'3", size 14 shoe, huge kinda dude) and he has a tough time finding accurate scales that weigh him and he is only 260lbs (which with his frame makes him only about 30 lbs overweight...he is very thin at 230). This one spouted accuate readings up to I considered buying it for him but opted aginst it.

The scale had a big dial on it and looked very retro-1950s, in case you look for it.

I also reccomend trying your doctors office. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your doctor, but I am really tight with my doctor and I know he wouldnt mind if I ran in for a moment once a week and weighed myself. I think he would enjoy seeing someone put in serious effort at losing weight. So...that is an option worth considering. Now....if only I could take his advice about quitting smoking. I would enjoy the look on his face if I told him I quit!

Best of luck on your scale hunt!


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