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I have a PHD from the School of Hard Knocks. I'm an IT and Business Project Manager for a NYC Hospital System... OOPS make that WAS... I resigned in anticipation of moving outta Joisey and leaving the commuter insanity for hopefully greener pastures in North Carolina.
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I work full time at as a state of Wisconsin employee on the Probation, Parole, and Pardon Board...I used to work for the Sate's Crime Lab in Madison WI. I also have 4 children (which is another full time, but enjoyable job!) I love what I do and am in the minority in my field as a woman, but I can handle anything!
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Let's see, I'm a stay at home mom...which is my favorite job ever!! But before that:

From 1983-1993 I was a hairdresser and suffered with excema and dermatitus on my hands, wrists and forearms for the entire ten years. I loved hairdressing and worked at Penney's the entire ten years, but eventually got sick of having bleeding, infected hands that the dermatologists had no help for, so I went to school in 1992 and got my associates degree in Office Technology (used to be Secretarial Science) and got a job at Kodak...after it was a cool place to work. So, then I got a job at a corporate office of a apartment management company and was the assistant of the Vice President of Information Systems...sounds impressive, but the VP was my age and I found myself resentful that her mother married the owner of this company and he put her through an Ivy League school and gave her the job because she's his step daughter. Anyhow...that didn't work out so well, so I moved around in the company and got a job working on their computer help desk, helping out the people in the rental offices of the apartment complexes they owned with their computer problems and LOVED it. I love helping people and giving them a compasionate voice to call and a genuine interest in helping them out. But then I met my DH and he didn't like living in Rochester and so we moved to NNY where the cost of living is such that I can stay at home with our kids. When my DS goes to kindergarden in Sept 2006, I'll probably get a job as a substitute school teacher and work at my DS's school on demand. This way I'm still at home when there is no school to be with the kids.

Okay, that's it for me!! Kris
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Professional Boredom Experiencer? Is there such a position?

It's like this, I was an Admin. Asst. but just got my network certification and was moving into the IT field, in which I have some experience but didn't have the certs til now. Then we moved to help with my hubby's parents and by the time we made it through that battle, I was 4 months pregnant and no one's looking to hire pregnant women who will be leaving the job in another 4 months or so. LOL

So I go to Curves, tan, go to lunch, take walks around the neighborhood, clean clean clean, shop, catch shows I never had opportunity to view before (like Jerry Springer which my hubby can't see why I watch that - ummm, to see how the other half lives? LOL), and go to lots and lots of doctor appointments. I try to stay gone as much as possible, but there's just so much "make-work" a body can do. God I'm so totally bored.
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Professional Web Developer
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Lowly student lol.

I'm currently in my third year of a BA with majors in Political Science and History. Once this finishes i'm headed off into a graduate diploma of secondary education and will be a highschool teacher. (I live in Australia, highschool here is years 7 to 12)

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Originally Posted by techwife
I loved hairdressing and worked at Penney's the entire ten years
I was so glad to see I wasn't the only stylist out there to work for Penney's that was here at 3FC. I got my cosmo license last September, went to work for Penney's in October and left in December. They didn't want to educate anybody on anything, they just left it up to you to figure things out on your own and the ones we were supposed to go to for help made you feel like an @$$ if you even considered asking a question. At least the one I was at made me feel like that. But as far as everything else I've ever done:

Junior year of high school, I worked at the Garden Ridge store for 6 months. I started there before the store walls were even put up, when there was just a trailer on the lot. Now it's just huge. The drive to Hulen everyday burned me out really fast. Spring semester, I worked at our Chicken Express for about 2 weeks with my best friend just as a fill-in for a girl that was out. Thank God because I have a hellacious chicken cravings around 'that time of the month'. *LOL*

Senior year (August 1998-May 1999), I worked at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper as a volunteer with their Class Acts magazine. My senior year was the last year it was in print I got to do tons of cool stuff though, the biggest being interviewing Third Eye Blind on their Bonfire Tour in October 1998.

I dropped out of college (I was majoring in journalism) in December 1999 due to my grandmother's illness and nobody back here being able to take care of her. She's doing alright now May 2000, I went to work at the old towers of Tandy Corporation, now RadioShack Corporation (headquarters of RadioShack), in their insurance department. Crazy is all I can say. We handled the insurance for each and every employee and their families of every RadioShack in the world. The job I was hired for, I completed in one year and 24 days.

I then went to work for Ascent in 2002, an insurance company. Loved it because it was $10 an hour, stayed 5 months, then the company relocated and I couldn't make the move

After that, I worked for my grandmother's real estate company for the next year til she retired. Then I went to cosmetology school September 2003, graduated 9 long, grueling months later, got my license at the state board exam September 2004, went to work at Penney's October 2004, left December 2004. I now just do hair and stuff for my family and friends.
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Students are never lowly! I sure wish I had the money to be one again!
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I have a BA inpsychology and am currently a counselor at a youth shelter. I'm hoping to go to graduate school to become a school counselor.
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I work at a small town newspaper (well two weeklies and a weekly shopper). Before that I was the editor/reporter of my hometown newspaper. (I also worked there in High School and part of college. My dad was press foreman and circulation manager for 30 years.)

I have a BA in Communications with an emphasis on Radio/TV (such a long title) and a minor in Journalism. While going to college I worked at Wal-Mart and started working at a TV station. Was offered a full-time job with the TV station producing the morning show and quit Wal-Mart. Stayed with the morning show for a bit before they expanded their evening newscasts. Transferred to producing the 6 and 10. What I really loved doing was directing. A job opened up in that department and I directed the morning shows and filled in for the 6 and 10 on vacations.

When I was in elementary, junior high and my senior year I had paper routes. They came in handy to help pay for skiing trips and a trip to disney world one year.
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Hello all - I saw the post and thought that I would join in.

I am a script typist for an advertising agency in Detroit. I work with the 'creative' people who write scripts for television commercials.

I love my job - and it's lots of fun.
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Hi there! I'm a operations/detail/logistics person for a morning TV show. I love what I do but the schedule wreaks havoc on the body.
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I'm a stay at home mom right now. I'm starting nursing school this year though. I'm really interested in prenatal, L&D, or the NICU. Time will tell where I end up.
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I have been a sahm for the last 7 years, before that I was a human resources assistant.
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Originally Posted by Idealperson
I work full time at as a state of Wisconsin employee on the Probation, Parole, and Pardon Board...I used to work for the Sate's Crime Lab in Madison WI. I also have 4 children (which is another full time, but enjoyable job!) I love what I do and am in the minority in my field as a woman, but I can handle anything!
I'm from Wisconsin (practically lived there my whole life) and just moved to the Twin Cities about 4 years ago. My dream job is working as a forensic pathologist or something related. I love forensics!! I initially got interested in this after reading my first Patricia Cornwell novel (I've read them all!) Go figure!

Currently, I'm an RN that works for a small ENT group. One doctor, 2 nurse practitioners, and a few reception staff. They are great people, and the doctor I work for is the most wonderful, understanding, intelligent human I've ever worked for. I'm very happy where I'm at. I intend to work for this man until he retires!

We've got such a diverse group of people here. This thread was a great idea!
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