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So I wore my Polar HR monitor and watch for a shift at my job (I'm a pastry cook at a resort) and it was just an average shift, 8hrs. and not very busy. Just normal production and nothing that really raised the HR. My caloric burn was nearly 2500 in those 8 hours! If that's what I'm burning on an average day at work, that's my 1530 daily caloric allotment plus another 1000 calories. Do I need to increase my caloric intake so my body doesn't go into starvation mode? I haven't done any formal exercise since starting this job because I'm on my feet all day and am too sore in the legs and feet to try and exercise.

I'm just wondering how to compensate if my Polar monitor is indeed correct and I'm doing a crazy caloric burn every day.
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I'm not sure on this one. It looks like you have 80 to drop. At the rate you're going you'll be losing 1 pound every 3.5 days, or 2 pounds a week. If you don't do anything but do what you're doing you'll reach your goal in 10 months. I think that sounds pretty healthy (i'm in no way qualified to make that statement, just an opinion)

Are you feeling dizzy or lightheaded? while you work? If not I think it sounds like you're gonna be shedding some weight in a pretty healthy way (with room to cheat every now and again).
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