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Thank you all so much for your responses! I really appreciate it.

I have a hospital rotation in 2014 as part of my degree and I think that will open up a few more doors for me.

I may have had a mild panic attach at one point when I posted this and just got a bit overwhelmed.

I have spoken to a few of my professors and they are all really encouraging about me finishing the degree and then looking at entering the science field, not necessarily the retail pharmacy field.

I think the retail side is what just doesn't work with my personality. I have a hard time dealing with some people and at some point I know I will snap.

It's a bit strange for me because I am 24 this year and I feel so old, like I should have my degree and be working already and living my life and all of this stuff and then I think hold on I'm 24, not 105!

Again thank you all for your advice, it's nice to know I am not crazy
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I really want to make a career although i really understand that i need to work a lot to achieve something. And i also need to learn how to rule and how to code properly. Of course i can handle developing software projects, but i do believe that i can do better, that is why when our CEO hires some software development partners from outside, i try to do my best not only to help them but also to learn in order to become as successful as they are

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I would advice to chose ur carrer poperly. lIke really and really properly. It is not something u can do not care. It is really a serious step in life so make clever decisions guys!
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Education lays the foundation for a successful career.
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I feel your embarassment. Examining university life and career choices can be difficult, but seeking guidance from experienced sources can make a significant difference. For instance, reaching out to the umass boston customer service team could provide specific information about programs and opportunities that align with your interests and career goals. Remember, every step you take towards understanding your options can greatly impact your future success.
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