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Mimsyborogroves. Yes, you are pretty and you were rocking that dress on date night!

I am older than you but at your age I had similar a similar problem getting out. I wanted to do things and none of my friends had the time, money or interest. At one point I realized that I couldn't be happy putting my life on hold until one of them were interested in participating. I made a list, I guess now it would be called a bucket list, of things I wanted to do/ try. I would invite friends but if the y couldn't make it I would go alone. It turned out that the alone time doing something I enjoyed was better than worrying about someone else being hungry/tired/uninterested. I had time to focus on the activity. I learned more about who I am. I could enjoy activities alone.

Knowing myself better helped me to see that there are special things about me that make me interesting. Then, I could appreciate the interesting things about others. Not measuring myself against them but learning from them. It helped my confidence. Take the opportunity to look at who you are and think about who you want to be. The work can begin before you get to the counselor.
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I have moments of self doubt too but I'm very aware that no one is as concerned about me as I am about myself. In that regard, I never fully understood the worry of measuring up to other people or that people didn't think I was good enough. Everyone has their own lives and problems that consume them, just like I'm consumed by myself. Perception is reality though.

I knew a guy in college who acted like he was God's gift to everyone. He wasn't that great looking or smart or funny but girls were lining up to be with him. That was the first time I realized how far confidence can get you. He convinced everyone that he was a prize by acting like a prize (even though it wasn't nearly true in my opinion). I think that people are attracted to confidence and that may be the reason you never heard from your date. Not because there's actually ANYTHING wrong with you but that you don't accept how awesome you actually are.
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